3rd Hard Reject - need your feedback please

Hei Guys!

I’m pretty new on AJ… however some of you might have already met me in feedback4feedback forum theme :wink:
I have only 6 tracks approved and a couple of sales so far… but now I’m kinda stucked during the last month - my last 3 tracks got hard reject.
As for first two - I fully agree - I was experimenting with mixing, sound,composition, etc.
But I dont really understand why it happened with the last one… You know how the standard answer sounds))) Like "your track is a total crap - you may choose the reason why from the list below))))))))))
But - I’m not going to give up :pouting_cat:
I really appreciate your feedback an suggestions/thoughts on how to improve it to get it through reveiw))
Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/sergei-khlynov/soft-piano-corporate

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi @anon223564, I feel your pain! I only have 11 items and the last 5 submissions rejected! Oh well keep powering through, just know there are other people scratching their heads too!

Hi @anon223564 balance this track !) with tools !) strings piano and etc …

Thanks man))
Yeah… actually what choice do we have - struggle or give up))
I’m going to work harder as it is not really simple when you’re just started making music.
The most hard thing for me is to “transfer” music which I hear in my head to multiple separate tracks, select right instruments and mix them properly so they sound clear and nice))

Thanks Leo,

Thanks for your reply))
You know… I’ve listened a lot of different tracks which are close to mine, but each of them has individual balance of instruments (which is normal)
I tried to balance this track so it sound close to those examples.
It seems that “I missed the target” :confused:

Ohhhh… off course I’ll rework this but one thing worries me a bit - I don’t want to create an impression to reviewers that I’m tricking and trying to upload the same track again and get banned for this)))
Which means I need to make some significant changes to this track…
Okay… will keep trying…

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yeah , I think we need to correctly balance tools , such as somewhere a piano should sound softly and then louder , it is necessary for all to try !):wink:

Piano sounds a bit robotic and static, try to make it more realistic. Try to make more smooth balance in mix.

Hei DP!

Actually I did try to make it sound more realistic, but it seems that not enough))
Will play with velocity, level, etc. to make the piano sound more natural.
Plus will try to add more dynamics - something in addition to staccato maybe…

About the balance - I created and mixed the first 5 tracks in AKG studio headphones using special plugin…
But now I’ve got studio monitors Behringer Truth B3030A and mixed this track with monitors.
Everything sounds differently comparing headphones)))
So I definitely need to adapt my ears to these new monitors ASAP otherwise I’l keep getting rejects ))

Thanks for your feedback!

Guys, can you add nything else? Weak composition maybe?
Or it’s all about mixing and non-robotization of piano?

I appreciate any input.

And thanks a lot for all your feedbacks!

In my ears your song sounds well produced. I like the mixing too. There are always haters out there. It’s a good song for video production or some like that in my opinion.

Thanks for you feedback, Uadol)))
Yeah… anything might happen…
However, I will play with the track to make it better))
We’ll see…

Thanks again!

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