A lot of hard-rejections, pls help (update)

Hello everyone. I really really need consultations from those who sell without problems (or at least can upload at all), so i decided to give you guys a link to a track i’ve been working on. I’m really not an expert in mixing, so i would appreciate some criticism about overall sound, and more importantly the arrangement, since i’m learning to do stock music. thanks in advance. here’s an old and new version

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Too much high frequencies for me. I would remove all effects and redo the mix a bit more gentle. Its a nice track music wise, but many harsh frequencies! For ex. the bells at 0:11 have some very harsh high frequencies almost distorting!

It could be approved if it had a more commercial ready sound, gentle!

And what I am doing here, suggesting and revewing, the reviewer can’t do this on hundreds of tracks!

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Thanks, mate. Yeah, i was sure about the bells, will try to make the song less edgy overall! Thank you

And that’s why I decided to show it to someone who can tell me what’s wrong, cause i know it’s not reviewer’s job to teach). I’ll get better, thanks again!

Hi there,

I agree the track is very harsh to my ears (guitar, bells, clap, hats), try go give more mid frequencies. Try to remove that noise from guitar at 0:05 example (maybe x noise from waves could do the job), also I don’t feel that strings in the arrangement. Anyway, the track has the potential but it requires more work on it.


thank you, sir. I did some changes mix-wise, it would be great if you check it out

I still don’t think mix/master is good enough. You should probably try some new better libraries also.

This is my review for mix. Is much better overall

Piano sounds a bit like lofi - bad quality (is it good sample library?), and maybe you could remove some 90-150 Hz about 1-2 dB

I would introduce the high strings gently at 0:11, also high and low strings are a bit loud.

there is a bit of string overlap at drop at 0:47, like some strings have lots of delay or something

Claps at 0:47 are a tad loud

You could pan the high strings a bit to the left (like a real orchestra) so to make space in your mix.
Maybe some bells at 0:47 could be panned right a bit

Claps at 1:16-1:17 are loud!

Guitar at 1:18 is loud, and also lo fi (bad quality like pitched down) like the piano, and it has a bit 100-200 Hz loud. It hides the piano (which is the intro element)

at 1:33, don’t use the high strings, bring them 9 bars later on at 1:49

Also bring at 1:49 the guitars rhythmic( from 1:56)

At 2:03, hi hat is loud, also some bells are loud, you should keep in focus the piano

Lastly and most important, the kick also sounds lofi and bad quality. Its very low in volume, and is a bit trancy rather than gentle.

Watch out for the claps they are a bit late, you should make them play sooner as they seem delayed out of sync. Also they are a bit loud!

Instead of turning up the volume of newly introduced instruments on top of your other mix, a good trick is to lower some older instruments, like the strings and piano in this case.

Good luck!

For piano and guitar by lofi I mean, it seems like they have a steep lowpass filter!

Also mastering could be a bit louder and a bit brighter

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