Frustrated by rejections, need some honest feedback

It would be great if the rejection notices included more details on why the song was rejected. I’m about to give up because I have no idea what the issue could be and it seems like a waste of time guessing and constantly being rejected. I would love any feedback anyone can provide to help me at least get pointed in the right direction.

Here is the track. In my last submission I removed the last half of the track and closed the ending because I thought that maybe the problem was due to the change for the 2nd half of the song. With the 2nd half removed, I’m not sure what to change next. Should the song be trashed because I’m way off base for AudioJungle, is it a mixing problem?

Any help would be awesome.

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@onyaktech I am sorry for not adressing the song you posted, I believe our view as authors does not correlate with the review process. I just wanted to reflect on something else, as I am generally wiith you on the detailed rejection issue, but strangely enough, I was given a very detailed, measured, and comprehensive rejection commentary recently - and somehow it just didnt matter. I havent felt anything beyond the usual things. So maybe its not that important really. On the other hand I feel that the great number of rejections over the last year thaught me a lot!

Hope you make it next time!

First of all, sounds good. I like drums and FX’s here, punchy and agressive. My guess it is that the track is too abstract, some pieces of melody hardly connect to each other. It is hard to pick a melodic scheme here. Sounds like you decided to put many ideas in one track. I think it is a good idea too use those drums and FX’s and build a memorable theme on top of it, while keeping overall dark mood you already have here)

Definitely not a mixing problem, at least nothing really wrong.

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For me the sound is very good, the Fx’s too, but for me is abstract (as Phreaspirit said) and unfortunally is not a style that Audiojungle sale, it’s a shame, but is bussines.
Good luck!


Yeah, as others have already said I think this is just a really specific track. Would be great for someone who ordered something for a very specific piece, but as stock I don’t think it works too well.

Thanks, I was just thinking the exact opposite earlier today but now that you point it out I think you are right.

Thanks guys. At least now I have a direction. Going to work on a new piece and give it another go. It is awesome to have your feedback.

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I think that track is to abstract and has non standard arrangement. I think you need to adapt your idea to stock music (standart arrangement - it will be more suitable for different projects). Hope it helps you! Good luck! :slight_smile: