Opinions needed for my 3rd hard-rejected song

Hi there,
Today I received my 3rd hard-reject for my below music and so far I couldn’t have got any approvals. I clearly need some professional advises and criticism, otherwise I will never understand totally what is wrong. Please help:

My first 2 uploads were not good enough in any way, therefore I don’t need to talk about them. Regarding this song, what would you say? I believe that the mixing process has always been the main problem. In addition, I would criticise my song for the boring perc/drums section, monotonous bass line, lacking of a clear melody line (which was intended) etc. How would you make a contribution for it?

Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ok. Let me understand.You knew you have issues in your production and you still uploaded? And you hoped the reviewers will do not notice? I am not trying to be sarcastic . Just trying to understand the logic behind this. I doubt any comments will help you at this moment. Its about the commitment and attitude. Be sure you do the best you can in order to upload a track. Cheers.

Thanks for your comment. Let me rephrase it: I uploaded 3 separate songs on different times and each time I thought (or assumed) that the product was better than the previous one. Clearly they were not.

Your question was regarding this track, not the past ones.

If you have identified what is the problem with a particular track, why then would you upload it? Authors here have regularly demonstrated a track record in item submissions and offer an insight into
some possible rejection reasons however to reduce the review times for all, authors need to be honest and objective with the quality of their submissions.
A far more rigorous vetting policy should be in place to help prevent future escalation of review times.



@gballx and @Soundtrickz, English is not my native language and probably I couldn’t explain myself:

I uploaded a track about 1-2 months ago. It was rejected. I uploaded another track about 1 month ago, it was rejected too. And I uploaded my 3rd track (the SoundCloud link is pasted hereabove) 8 days ago and now I got the rejection.
I didn’t upload the same song again and again (which is impossible in hard-reject situation, as you know well); there are 3 tracks and 3 rejections. Each time I tried to do things better. then I decided to ask for the community’s opinion.
Thank you for questioning the logic behind etc, but I’d like to hear your pro opinions (if any) about this track.
All the best!

I listened to the track in this thread. I am not a reviewer so this is only my opinion.

  1. Intro far too long for this marketplace - get to the main part quickly and save the extended version as alternative versions,
  2. Bottom too muddy - needs rebalancing and needs a focus
  3. Poor arrangement - look at the track and think about where it’s going and what it wants to be



Thanks, I appreciate that.

What stands out to me is that you have criticism on your own song. That should be a reason to not upload the song but research the areas you have to improve (e.g. how to make the baseline more interesting). Then after your feel you’ve given everything you possibly can and still think it’s good you should upload it.

We all have to feel we did our utmost best before uploading here. (Or anywhere else).


The intro is too long, the arrangement is boring. Everything is somehow viscous, astringent. Mid is too weak. Strange music, to be honest.

The mix is waaaay too scooped out. I mean just look at this, does this look like a balanced frequency spectrum to you?

I’m not saying all frequencies have to be equally loud but you can’t have a massive abyss of empty space in the middle of your frequency range.

Of course there’s other things to work on like arrangement and variation but in all honesty you could have the best arrangement in the world and if your frequency spectrum looks like this the track will never be accepted.


Yes, listening and looking to the spectrum analyzer, UfratuProject you may have bad monitors/listening environment with way too much mid which would explain why you end up with a huge hole in the mid to make it sound balanced in your environment. Only an hypothesis. Do you think that it’s the case? Use a spectrum analyzer + your ears and a mix reference in particular if you don’t have yet high skills in mixing.

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Thank you @AnthonySigouin and @add9audio for your comments. Aside from the overall quality of the track, I also have problems with mixing/mastering issues and I need to improve myself. Cheers!

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