Need feedback on rejected

Hi! From July my tracks stopped accepting and i’m wondering why. I’ve stopped uploading for a while in that time and later when i’ve start again i’ve got many rejections in a row.
I’m feeling a little bit frustrated about it and i need your help to compare my accepted tracks and rejected and why some pass the review and others don’t.


I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

Thanks a lot, I’ll work on that!

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1st one is too neutral and has too much reverb on stuff ((especially on hihats)
bad melody with pluck synth
bad percussion
kicks at 1;23 should be removed
chords could be brighter and mix more coherent and alive
The ending is too abrupt, unacceptable to end a song like that

2nd one has too complex bassline, and claps are sooo dated and bad sounding
also flute melody, too complex!!!
track needs to have better structure, delete the melody as its not commercial at all
make the songs more minimal
also the ending is abrupt and cut suddenly

keep practicing!
and don’t try to produce songs that sell, but try to produce songs you like!!!