Rejection, Searching for feedback

I just started making music for audiojungle. I had a few rejections now and want to improve my tracks. Can you please give some feedback for this track and tips for improvement?

Hi Flick. I think the quality of some of the instruments, in particular the drums, are quite poor. I know AJ reject poor quality midi instruments/samples. It’s also rather repetitive without actually going anywhere, perhaps a change in chord progression at some point, introduce some new instruments or themes at some point. Putting the relative minor chord in the middle of that would really take it somewhere else. Some nice moments in there buddy

Hi TheMusicBed, Thank you for your feedback. Do you mean the drums or claps or both? I will change some things and want to give the track a proper structure :slight_smile:

The claps

Alright, thank you. I will fix that!