Time to learn! I'm a first-time uploader with a hard rejection.

Here’s a link to the track:


The only comment from Envato was that it didn’t meet the commercial quality standard. I would love to get some feedback from you about what might have caused the rejection so I can improve and start dialing in the right feel for AudioJungle.

Thank you in advance.


Hi FoxandCottonMusic,

I would say that it’s not too far off really. The guitars and synths sound very nice. Possible problems are that it is too repetitive, and the quality of the drums. The drums sound very robotic and it becomes too repetitive after a couple of minutes, so if possible you could use better drum samples and add more variety to them to sound more human. I hope that helps!


Pretty much exactly what I was in the process of typing.

Also I think you could trim it down (4 min really too long on AJ it seems) and get to your bridge a little quicker would help as well.


Thank you @AlisterBunclark and @RobertReid! I appreciate the solid feedback.

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Sorry for your rejection… this song is really nice, guitars are really charming and well balanced, as well as the synth.

Now, I’ll add some pattern variations in the drums, but I find their sound is nice, except for the toms maybe.

The track should be condensed to 2:00 or so and it would then me much more efficient.

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