PLEASE!!! help! Rejection! Don't understand ABSOLUTELY!!!

Thу second track in a row of this style was rejected and I absolutely can’t figure out what is the reason. I am not a rookie, this is really weird… Please anyone on this, any suggestions? Thank you!!

Imho not bad but too experimental.

It would be interesting to read some reviewer comments about this…

The production and the vibe sounds really good to me. You know what you are doing.

just my opinion and what I would fix:

about the mix: I think its too busy in the midrange around 800-1k. This might cause issues with voice over and even sound weird in laptop or phone speakers which are very boosted in that range. Also the tambourine is a bit loud.

The ending could be more definite. A final hit with tail is always appreciated. Your outro is just removing elements gradually. Adding breaks also could increase your chances of approval. What I mean by breaks is when you have a build up followed by a couple of bars of silence or fx tail just before the drop. That adds tension and excitement, also enhances the video.

So, re doing the structure could be the key to be accepted. Put yourself in the position of a video editor and help him to add interest to his work.


Very nice track. May be the reviewer didn’t like fast snare pattern.
I like it, sounds good to me.

Music is really good. Maybe problem is that style not for AJ.

Track is good! I don’t think it’s too experimental for AJ. There are some mixing issues however.

The main one is that the low end is either too weak or ill defined, especially compared to the snare. That 808 simply doesn’t hit hard enough.

Because of this unbalance, the “quiet” part at 1:23 sounds louder than the busy part before this.

I agree with @MarscottMusic about structure, especially the ending.

Thank you guys! Do you think it’s acceptable to rebuild the end and fix mixing issues and reupload? Cause they don’t accept rejected tracks again… Will they consider it as the same track…?

If you change the structure a little bit it can be different enough to re upload

Excellent track, not at all too “experimental”, as it is nearly “mainstream” now :slight_smile:
I mean, I have heard dozens of tracks similar to this one.

I have nothing to add to what as already been said, except that I fully agree: for this style, your kick/bass should be way, way more upfront.
Then, the ending would be better if it was just a final big “hit”.

It is a rather dark track, right on the edge of what AJ admits and what not. I think a short version would really work, as a logo/ident.