2 rejections in a row..need some advice on mix/mastering

Hey guys. So I got two rejections in a row with no chance to re submit and I’m a little annoyed by I trust in the review team. Two tracks got rejected. First one was because of the mix/master/recording. I was pretty happy with how it came out…What do you think?

Also if it’s just for mix/mastering - wouldn’t that be a soft reject - or doe that not exist anymore?

Second one was a very experimental track and I’m pretty sure it had some chance of being rejected but they said it was rejected because of mix/mastering and composition:

So can you guys help me out with some advice about my mix/mastering. I’m self taught and mix and master on headphones with Ozone 5.

ps - the first track is now free for use if anyone needs it.


First track is awesome, I’m not trying to be polite, but this is really awesome! :slight_smile: If it would have some nice repetitive female vocals on it, we can rotate it on radio in eastern europe :slight_smile: Beside that , yeah, there’s a lil bit work on mix/master…
Try to make the drums a lil bit more clear, it has too much that “trip-hop/ old school hiphop sampling” mood in it for commercial purposes, make them clearer. And there’s some distorsions on cymbals/hats/ of loops, I know they should be a lil bit dirty, but even Prodigy when have 100 samples loops from others songs in one song, they make them sound a lil bit clearer for commercial market. That’s my opinion. Nick

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Hi @KabbalisticVillage , I absolutely agree with @MusicThatInspires on the first track , it’s really cool , bit too distorted , but very nice !!!
Secound one is a bit too abstract , I can’t see how it can be used in commercial purpose, but there are other more artistic places where you can try upload that kind of music !
Wish you the best dude…

I also agree with what’s already been said about the first one.
What I can add is the main reasons might be the long outro/fade out at the end; and the synth coming in at 1:36. And this composition is a little monotonous for the length I think.
Otherwise I also honestly think that it sounds great!

Track 1: Too bright backing vocals. The ARP melody is too flashy. in my experience they don’t like. Track 2: the Reviewer did not see a place where it can be applied. do not worry everything will be fine. They dry too little reverb. from it they get Horny.

here is my track waiting for the check. I tried not to highlight the melodic component.


You have 135 taken tracks and it is not clear why you’re asking about the deviation. you yourself here teach all already have. :laughing:

On the first track …

Bass starts from 24 seconds, it does not sound in the middle bit to the left at 20 - 25 degrees. Then - somewhere at 1:50, he returned to the center and then back to the left … it’s a little strange. Bass must be located in the middle. Chord pads that begin at 1:36, right on the panorama. I advise you to put it in the center and extend for a panorama or duplicate to the left, but in a different timbre.

Overall - a great track.

The second track:
This is similar to ambient music, this seems to me that not enough airiness and lightness, instruments sound very close, even a little rough, but that would have sounded like they were blurry, or fantastically mysterious. I advise you to work with reverb and delay. You can also add a glitch effects. By experimenting, you may here be approached percussion loop or something like that …

I actually really respect the AJ reviewers, and have always believed they were right whenever I’ve had track rejections (despite the initial disappointment). Having said that, in my opinion your first track is better than most of the stuff on AJ. I don’t see any point in trying to find small little details to criticise, because there are best sellers on AJ which I think exhibit major mixing issues but there is enough in the track for it to still be successful. Congratulations on making such a great track, and I can only sympathise in this case. I can’t justify the rejection on this one at all.

I definitely agree with the reviewers rejecting the second track though, I would have done the same if I were a reviewer.

Hi! The first track in my opinion is excellent, but the second track is very abstract and vague.