AJ item Hard rejected. Feedback please?

Hey guys, recently my chill out track has been hard rejected.
Could you please listen to the track and give me some feedback? I listened to it after 10 days with “clean ears” and can only tell that maybe the hi-hat seems to me too sharp. Otherwise I don’t know… or does is it really so bad it doesn’t meet general commercial quality standard?

Thanks a lot for any advice!

Peace! :wink:

I really love the piano, the drums and the vibe. What I found noticable was the short attac on the synths at the beginning or maybe the overall synth.
After 8 bars there could be some change for the next 8 bars of the same melody. Even though it’s chill, it needs some development and maybe some kind of little climax. For me the second part even sounds a bit “softer”.

I’m not as expirienced others here are with mixing, so maybe someone else can tell you more about that.

I hope I could help.

Hi SoopSound!
Thank you very much for your quick feedback! I think too that the second part sounded a bit softer. The first part definitely needs more development.

I also noticed one thing that the “too sharp” hi-hat and percussion sounds in mp3 do not sound so sharp in wav format. Is it just the compression from wav to mp3 or do you have any experience with something like that?

Cheers and thanks again for your kind help! :slight_smile:

Hm! I’m sorry, I don’t know about that. I hope someone can answer that qestion.

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I love the mood and composition, but I would like to have a sharper snare… it sounds muffled to me like if I had something in my ear preventing me to hear correctly.

Second thing, the special fx is a bit “too much” for me, I hear this one in trap hiphop productions, and to me it does not fit well here.

But I love the piano sound, same for the bass.

But this snare drum is really a problem to me - not sure this is a reason for rejection though!

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Thank you, frozenjazz, for your inspiring feedback!
Maybe I really complicated the arrangement with the effects. I must work on that and might try to submit the track with significant changes again.

In general I think this track could potentially be commercially valuable but my “execution” of the arrangement wasn’t good enough. I understand Envato team knows best what is commercial and what isn’t, so I don’t want to argue with them. Sometimes it is worth trying submitting an updated version and this might be the case.

Thanks frozen and soop and have a nice day and good luck on Audiojungle! :slight_smile:


Hi there @bernardmusic. It sounds to me there are some problems in the mix/master. There are no low frequencies on that kick, that crash on the right is maybe loud, snare needs emphases something about 5kHz and cut about 200khz, also you can try to pan some instruments to get some space … Or maybe reviewer thought that the track does not have commercial value.

I hope this was helpful to you.

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