Rejected item, why?

Hey everyone.

So, yes, I uploaded this track, and been hard rejected.

I seriously can’t understand the reason and my frustration is growing since it’s the 3rd item been rejected since the last approved one. :roll_eyes:

Any idea?

The reviewers are somewhat opinionated so it’s hard to say based on just one rejection. But, the hat hits around 0:31 - 0:33+ sound very compressed or not mastered properly, they have an unusually low stereo separation compared to the rest of the ambient instruments.

The way the panning oscillates from left to right can be nice for an echo, but when it’s non-stop, it is kind of unpleasant to listen to. But, that’s only my own opinion.

Around 1:21, the occasional snare has a similar problem to the hat hit, then there’s this very subtle clap that is introduced quietly, but so quietly you can’t quite tell what it is at first, it might be better to just get rid of the snare and clap entirely for the mid section because the distorted bass drum alone sounds like it contributes a lot to the beat and the synthesizers fill the rest of the mid and upper frequencies nicely.

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Many thanks for the detailed feedbacks. Yes, the snare and the clap were added because I was afraid the track would had resulted too poor of elements but I see my worrying was excessive ^^".

I’ll be careful with the mastering of percussions too.

Regarding the one to be your own opinion about the panning of echo I’d agree because I have not realised at first the too prolonged could be annoying.

Way too experimental,abstract for commercial use as an overall view.Overcompressed and quite unbalanced.Try to use serial compression on individual tracks and parallel processing on busses.It will maintain the natural balance of your instruments. Cheers.

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Yeah, I had the suspect was not so commercially experimental/abstract but… even for the category experimental abstract? Ok :sweat_smile:
As parallel processing do you mean audio effects as reverb, delay, etc…?

I really don’t know.Is all about the reviewer.If he/she thinks that this track has a value to the AJ repertoire it might be accepted.It was just my subjective opinion based on some educated guess.
For parallel processing. Compression ( on high, aggresive settings) , saturation.If you insert a compressor with a high ratio and threshold value directly on your insert track it will make it sound unnaturally and overcompresed.Unless this is what you want.But if you use serial compression on your insert track. E.g you insert two or three compressors one after the other, with moderate to low settings , just to control thr dynamics of the track, it will preserve the tone and dynamics.The paralel compression , saturation, eq or anything else, added on a fx bus and working along with your track will add the required harmonic distorsion and consistence without altering your sound sources.

It’s ok, it was just a bit of surprise :slight_smile:
I see, it makes sense, I was always doing the thing to try use just one compressor for the tracks needed to rise the gain, but if more than one compressor which will help to keep the track natural would be worth to try for the next projects.
Many thanks for the inputs :+1:t2:

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oh man, too complicated and abstract intro, the song even clips when it drops, the kick or something clips. don’t expect to have approval if you have clipping. also, try to make more commercial songs

watch out, use headphones to listen to details

I think it can be refined into something that isn’t too complicated or has complicated parts as a variation. Genre-wise it’s more niche which also isn’t bad and not too abstract, although maybe the harmony synthesizer is a little too rough as well.

I could see this being developed into lowfi house music, a tension bed, futuristic videogame music, cinematic grunge music, it has the potential to go one of those routes at least.
The theremin in the middle almost sounds like Doctor Who, the background sounds like Borderlands 2 or 3 overworld music, the beat and chords sound like GRiZ’s style, the snare and hat would sound more like FlyLo if they were mastered well. I’m not sure what to make of the occasional vocals exactly, maybe it could be a variation.

Yes, I think was the bassline too boosted that might had clashes with the other sounds’ frequencies so the clipping. But I’ll be more careful for next works.

Mmh, commercial stuff? I might try but the items which had been accepted on my portfolio aren’t that commercial either so I was trying to following that path without risking ^^"

But thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep in mind :slight_smile:

I remember I started the track trying to do something inspired by some elements of “Wave” genre and Hard Trap/ Trap Metal, but then I went on my own direction which so the reason it had turned too experimentalist/ abstract, and, perhaps was better I’d stuck within the first idea :")

The occasional vocal was a sample from an anime which I added mostly to give variations to the breaks and a changing in the end with the rhythms going quieter. Those categories looks indeed a good fit and I was not aware of the similarities O_O

by commercial i mean more catchy hooks etc

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