two and a half months of hard work, and 18 days review + hard reject =)

Hello dear Authors of Envato, I really need your analysis of my rejected track, please listen and share your tips!
My opinion on this:

  1. Too much mastering compression?
  2. Is the limiter working strongly?

Version 1 (Reject) -

Version 2 edit(sent for review)

I was approved! thanks to all!

Guys, I want to say a big thank you! for sharing your advice with me, I am very glad that there is such a wonderful community for creative people!
I redid the track, it took a lot of time,
replaced kick, removed synth and pluck, added House chords to the chorus, created vocal chops … and did a lot of stuff in Mixing … please listen again, I already sent for review!

I was looking for a vibrato for the guitar, but nothing suited me, can you advise vst for the future !?

Tip 1. Spending 2 1/2 months on a track (Obviously not all of the time I hope) is not good
Tip 2. Learn about Compression Ratio, Attack and Release


Lead pluck synth (guitar?) - it doesn’t work very well in the mix. Try to use another sound on lead melody.

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thanks, I also think in the direction of compression … compression is my weak side, I decided to experiment and put R-vox on the master track,he does not have Attack and Release) most likely this was a mistake

about time, I try to work on high quality, I understand that it is desirable to work faster, but for now this is something that I can

Most likely the problem is technical in mixing, but you are right, lead pluck is a guitar)
really it is better to replace it, I agree!

Really cool track. I think there also might be some overuse of compression, not sure in which way exactly. Kick sounds a bit boxy to me, maybe switch it out with something more solid and punchy.

The bridge 1:49 I would consider having the kick just moving a long in a eq cut sweep filter or something. The synth in the bridge I would consider removing, because I feel it travels away from the mood in the track a little, maybe just shorten the bridge. The lead pluck guitar could maybe be dialed down a little in volume and add a little vibrato for less static sound.

Just my 2 cents, enjoyed listening to it!

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Thanks for the fresh ears!)

  1. At 1:49 I’ll add white noise with a filter, really not enough, there is a real wave noise, but it is almost inaudible
  2. synth in the bridge may really mute and shorten the harmony by half (it was originally)
  3. I’ll try to mix in some vibrato for the guitar
  4. I’m afraid to expand the guitar so as not to stumble the opposite phases, I try to observe mono compatibility
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I like the theme, very good. I would have started right away with the main theme. My 2 cents, I am not an expert…

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Cool tune, bro! Modern house sound with subtle balearic vibes.When the vocal samples join in, the track gets sorta cluttered. I’m talking about 0:36 – 1:11 section. It’s too busy/messy for me in parts. Also this theremin-like synth lead at 01:56 is loud and distracting and I’d personally get rid of it. Other than that great track, I’m digging it!


-Thank! I agree that the chorus may not have a clear vocal melody or something else …
-Bridge solo synth is already mute, and reduced harmony in two, the same was advised by MojoSoundtrackMusic

really good advice guys thanks everyone!

This is actually very good and I would approve this. Yes, you got a few things that can be improved, but I heard A LOT worse uploaded here and selling well. (rock tracks with dirt cheap midi guitars for example…) Nothing wrong with your limiter, what are you guys talking about?! What’s so wrong with the compression here? It’s loud and compressed, but I don’t think this is the reason why this was rejected. There are many louder tracks here, especially in the electronic category.

If I was reviewer, here’s what I would do…

I would give you only soft reject and tell you to
1.Make the guitar sample better, it sounds a bit cheap on the verses. (the chorus is fine because of the sidechain pumping)
2. Change the quiet part, that synth lead part is not very commercial and it’s too loud. (I think this was the reason for rejection)
3. Change the intro synth, it sounds outdated and this is a modern track.


As someone else said, this has a nice Balearic flavour, maybe also a hint of Viking Era drum n bass or are my headphones broken l dunno, l quite like the track but l’m hearing a strange fluctuation in amplitude, it seems to be heading toward total mute in episodes of every 5 seconds during randomly selected parts of the track? Maybe that’s just how you made it unusable except for critical listening? (Or seriously are my headphones broken?)

As for spending too long on a track, well, l’m not a pro but l’d say how long is a piece of string? Two metres, remember that. So take your time man. Unless collectivisation sweeps the site and they nudge out the hobbyists in favour of the industrial scale producers (happens on every successful online marketplace eventually, musical or bric a brac, whatever - l don’t blame them really).

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ah ah good humour :slight_smile:
Well, I share this a bit: the pumping (fake sidechain compression?) is a bit on the heavy side. I like sidechain comp with kick, more and more, and I use it now in my own compositions, but it tends to be a bit extreme here.

That being said, it works ok in the middle of the song.

I think the intro is the weak point: the pumping is really too obvious, but strange because there is no kick…
I am ok when the kick makes everything disappear (Eric Prydz - Call on me style), but when there is no kick it sounds wierd…

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Thank you, I am working on a hook, I think I’m combining different vocal inserts, I’ll post a new version soon, your opinion will be interesting!

Hi there, that was actually the formal / serious part of my message!

I can only hear in one ear so that may be why l literally hear the piano nearly cutting off in the middle of notes. I’ve tried this with each headphone cup and it’s almost the same feeling, but not exactly the same, so l’m guessing the author is panning notes from left to right in the middle of the notes’ play.

Unsure why l’m the only person to feel the effect so strongly, maybe due to one-ear listening only. I’d like to play it fairly loud to audition via monitor speakers, but don’t want to wake neighbours.

Ooh ok, now I understand. I am not sure about the panning, I would have to listen again, but for sure, the “pumping” effect is really very pronounced, causing nearly a mute of the instruments.

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Oh yes, you are very attentive, panning was specially used on strings for the stereo effect, I don’t think that it’s critical, in the intro flying string well heard

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  1. The intro is very long…
  2. Intro pad and guitar is a very simple sample. Try change with another
  3. Decrease compressor/limiter ratio
  4. This pause on 1:55 is very large. Try reduce or add another instruments

The concept is very good. Congratulations!!!

The synthesizer is a bit outdated and with a plastic sound, i think this is the basis.

nah, the mixing is good enough (in my opinion)…

-The start is abrupt. Im hearing a hard transient, is not smooth. I think you will get a rejection.
-I think the acoustic guitar chords sounds fake
-there is a weird timing in the snare fills, it doesn’t contribute to the groove.
-from min 2 the filter automation in the chords is too crazy, it’s not groovy. I would try something simpler

Vocals are really good, I like what you did there. The break at min 1 sounds nice. Nice breath detail.

Of course the mixing could be better, It could be punchier and breath a little more (typically fast attack compression is the issue, also overuse of EQ. I bet you have a lot of eq’s with crazy curves). Overall I think you are trying to do too much stuff. This style of music is mostly about the groove and the vibe.

I’m sorry if I’m being harsh, it’s not my intention. I hope this can help.

Pd: in my short experience, you will get success in music licensing if you are capable of making MINIMUM 3 tracks a week. Spending two months in a single track is crazy. Just move on and make more music. You will eventually get better in your next tracks. Fixing the same piece of music endlessly is nonsense. “upload and forget” mindset is what works best for me.

By the way I listened to the last version