Track Got Rejected

Hi all,

I’ve been in the music biz pretty much all my life and 10+ years I’ve been working commercially, so I’m used to criticism. But when it is so open ended, I don’t actually know what to fix / improve on. If you could help me with this one, that would be great!

It’s a fan piece of music I did for a ride I like and I’ve decided to sell it.

track good. but he strongly attracts attention. little reverb. otherwise perfect.

Hi , this is a great track , it’s gonna be a besteller , but first you need to change the percussion , and violin in the beginning they sound like MIDI , not quite processed !

I think you got problems in the mix, it sounds crumpled and a little bit distorted, btw nice composition.

Thanks for the feedback. All the instruments have come from Symphobia and True Strike, so I’m surprised to hear that the beginning sounds like midi. As for the crumpled sound, if you could elaborate more, that would be great as the track sounds solid on my Dynaudio BM12 monitors.

Just found out that this track has been Hard Rejected, which means I can’t resubmit. Why??

I mean it sounds like it is over compressed, but this is only my opinion of your hard reject. Bm12 is good monitor.

About resubmitting, I think you can do that if you done some drastic changes on your songs ( arrangement, mix, etc… ) and informing reviewer about the changes. I hope this was helpful to you.


Hi! In my opinion very dry, sandwiched track. Not enough reverb and stereo base. Also, there is no sound of heat (too much high frequencies). Well, that’s just my opinion.))

Some excellent comments already, which I agree with.

I would add that it’s a little too avant-garde and atonal, it lacks the more conventional harmonic language which AJ customers are probably looking for. It really does sound VERY `synthy’ too, when it’s clearly intended to be a track which employs sample libraries for an orchestral sound.