Track rejected, need feedback please

Hey everyone, this is the 4th consecutive time i am posting with that kind of title. I haven’t yet successfully uploaded any tracks and I think i sort of can’t understand clearly what the fellas in Audiojungle need. I love to write in the style of orchestral cinematic music and i am trying to have the same approach at my job as a seller.

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I can’t see why hard rejected honestly. I tried to not sound too midi. I can see it working in a show/advert. I don’t think it’s that bad of a quality.

But that’s what I think and maybe I am just biased. What do you guys think?

I see no reason for this to get declined. I have heard worse than this many many times, it terms of quality and orchestration. I think Envato should stop Hard Rejecting with the same “Copy-Paste” answer. Give us some clues. Please.


Audiojungle, Envato, any cues? Need more qualified reviewers :smiley:

Hey :wink:

In my opinion, the biggest problem lies in the mix. The mix is ​​too heavy, muddy, (too much frequencies below 500 Hz). There is a lack of air, space. There is a lack of elements that will attract attention and add dynamics to a stereo image, (hybrid sweels, impulses, impacts, maybe some rhytmic subbass). The transitions between sections are unnoticeable, for example: 0:08 - 0:10, 0: 13- 0:17 (problem with mix automation and as I mentioned before, frequency dominance below 500hz, which cover the entire mix space and clarity).

About composition, this is unfortunately not “typical” stye for current trends. In a way, it’s a lot like an intro to some game from 2004 (the first thing that comes to my mind “Breed 2004” :sweat_smile:,

The whole track seems to be an orchestral mockup, rather than a full product. There is a lack of transitions between sections, accents that would deprive the feeling of midi.

Good luck!

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I think the problem lies in the ending. There is something hanging over, no clear ending.

I actually think it’s really well done. If anything could use a little more dynamic build with the staccato strings. But it doesn’t need it.

Hi @AlphaProcess, I agree with the sentiments here - this is a great bit of work and I don’t think it should have been rejected either. Well done and I hope you have better luck on your next submission.

Where is Envato Team to say something about this?

What exactly isn’t clear about ending in the Tonic? What can make this more clear?
Please tell me.

Look at 0:25, the whole orchestra should stop playing at this point, but one can hear the brass playing a longer note.