Another hard rejection. Any advice?

Hi guys,

Please check out my next in line hard rejected track.

Could you give me some feedback / advice?

This my only track that Envato accepted so far. (1 out of 6)

I think the rejected track is much better, but that is my personal opinion only.
I am wondering how the reviewing works at Envato.
Is it random, or are there experts who decide what is right or wrong for the market?


Hello! I am just speaking some points from the top of my head :smiley:

Yeah I am kinda surprised this track got hard rejected but I got some points to share:

  • The percussion could be the reason though. The timpani does not sound good enough and the crash sounds way too low.
  • Add some reverb on the strings so they blend well with the glockenspiel, I think there’s a bit of masking there in terms of mixing.
  • Work on the velocity of some of the instruments to introduce realism.
  • Also adding reverse cymbals, gongs and fx for the transition is very important for this genre.

I will try to listen again soon and maybe find a few other tips to give you. :slight_smile:

The quality of your sample libraries is not the best, and the playing style is flat. You need to add some expression with velocity and volume, create some crescendos and diminuendos, also adding more layers and effects wouldn’t hurt to hide the quality issue, add some effects samples. I’d say the production is the issue here, not the compositions.

The review process is prone to human error, since the reviews are made by different people, sometimes a bad track gets through while a better one is rejected, still, practicing more will get you to a level where you basically get no rejections. I’ve been making music for many years and I’ve had one rejection at audiojungle, and the track was rejected since it just wasn’t good enough and I knew it even when I submitted it that it might not go make it. The best way is just move on after a rejection and not think about it. Make a new track.


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I have had too many “human errors” on AJ which is not a big issue as there are other alternative websites.
Anyway, thanks for the tips!