tracks keep getting rejected, help needed

Hi Guys,

So far I’ve only managed to get one track through the envato jury. I know my tracks can allways be better, but I’m really struggeling with it. Is it the mix, is the composition? So many things to consider.

This track as an example has seen a hard rejection.

Any help would really be welcome!

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

I think that the arrangement is a little bit poor and not so interesting matching nowdays standarts.

Try to listen top tracks here on AJ, especially in your favorite styles. Try to achieve that quality and sound. Your music must meet the profession standarts and have commercial value for video projects. Also I can recommend to learn on YouTube tutorials, courses more and keep going to write music. Write the music you would buy for yourself.
The quality of tracks on AJ is improving day by day so you have to match this and permanently work hard and learn I believe.
I wish you will get it!

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:

From a commercial point of view, the percussions are too strong, everything has to be put on the same line, no instrument must exceed the others. There may be a lack of originality in the arrangements, but at the core, the main structure is quite good.

Try to remix the strings so that they can be more natural and not artificial. Even though this music was ‘’ Hard Rejected ‘’ continues to practice working on his remix.

I hate to tell others what to do, because I am in this case of uncertain rejection too. I will not name a name but I know someone here, who is in the sellers tops who has been rejected several times so…

Let’s be positive! :wink: And good luck in your future projects

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Hi audiogijs!

I`ve actually paid more attention to the one track you do have on AJ currently. I think you might try a new direction with your music, as now those tracks seem to be noir, reflective type of pieces. Of course market needs those, but in order to establish a portfolio, gain some experience and sales with more mainstream stuff, and when you are more confident, try the borderline styles (but it better be a killer ;))

Best Wishes!

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I do sometimes wonder if it’s just down to the specific reviewer and how they’re feeling at the time for tracks that are borderline.

Case n point, the track that you have up that wasn’t rejected, you could argue the kick drum is way too loud and piercing in that one. In terms of mix balance this trapped strings track of yours is certainly no worse than the accepted track, so perhaps their decision was more just on musical structure/arrangement and taste. The kick/bass on Trapped strings does sound a bit boomy though to be fair.

So yeah, just keep at it and hopefully you’ll get more accepted :slight_smile:

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