Feedback on hard-rejected cinematic track

Hello! My track was rejected today. After listening to the track many times I found a lot of mistakes. I’d love to hear feedback from experienced authors. Thank you!

Message from reviewer and actually i agree with him. But i really want to know how to improve my quality.



The introductory part is not very successful. When listening for the first time, it seemed that the piano was not in time with the music. The piano could be made more expressive.
Strings play the same thing.
0:30 - strings sound plastic and flat.
1:05 - unnecessarily quiet and long introduction.
In the pit is not enough atmospheric. I liked the piano in the pit.
In general, the composition has a big lack of low frequencies.
You need to work more in the mix, and listen to more tracks of top authors in these categories. But this is just my opinion. Of course I could be wrong!
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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Thank you very much for feedback!

The reason for rejecting this track is because is too generic and the orchestration and mix need to be improve. In the last years quality standard for being accepted on aj has raised. Like Kasarex said… listen some successful songs and try to replicate de orchestration. On youtube are many orchestration and mixing tutorials. Keep going. You will be good. All the best. Constantine.

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Thank you very much. Really appreciate your and Ksarex’s feedback. Thanks guys.

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I’d love to give my two cents: I like the quiet part (0:45-1:24) a lot!
But it seems like some instruments play a little bit out of time, like Ksarex already said.

Good luck!

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Yes, notice this this too. Can’t believe, so stupid mistake) Thank you very much for feedback. It’s very important for me.