My first track rejected - Feedback is very welcome!

Hello everyone!

I just got my first feedback and first rejection from Envato. I recognize I’m just a beginner with DAWs and with mixing and mastering, but I have a pretty good feeling for composing music and felt I did a good job with this song.

Please, listen to the attached song and help me out here to understand the possible reasons for rejection, so I can figure out the whys and “calibrate” myself for future work. I appreciate all kinds of feedback.


  • Flohr

The song is clipping tremendously, it’s unlistenable.

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Alright… thanks for your reply. It was a clear message and I will surely study more about this clipping thing.

I just thought that “unlistenable” was a little bit discouraging to someone who is finally motivated in entering this kind of market.

As I explained, I’m crappy at mixing and mastering, so maybe some tips would be more useful. Don’t twist the knife, dude!

You have to understand that when you ask people for feedback and there is unwanted distortion in your (strings) track… you’re asking a lot. So fixing that is where you should start. Also I would compare your track to successful cinematic tracks on this platform. You’ll need work on the composition as well.
Good luck.

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Fine, I will work more on mixing and mastering first and compare my track with similar ones. Then I’ll come back here.

Don’t get me wrong, I was expecting sort of a lesson as I saw in some other topics, but I know it is not your obligation.

All the best to you!

I’m sure there are some great youtube tutorials on mixing and mastering this kind of music that go into much more detail than anyone here would be able to.

Here’s 1 tip I will give you though - always put a limiter on your master before you export the song. Preferably a limiter that has “true peak” limiting capabilities. If it has oversampling then use that as well. This won’t automatically make your mix perfect but at least it will prevent the distortion.

Basically, clipping is grounds for automatic rejection… it doesn’t matter how good of a track you make, Hans Zimmer himself could submit a track but if there’s clipping or unwanted distortion in it, it will get rejected

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Thanks a lot for the tips, man! I’ll study more about mixing and mastering before trying again. All the best to you!