Reason for rejection ?! Help!

Dear Audiojunglers,
Hi, i’m new to audiojungle, i submitted 4 tracks but got 4 rejections! :disappointed: the last one i submitted really seemed to work so i was surprised (and sorry) for it’s rejection. The track was supervised by a “senior audiojungler” Who was Also quote confident that it would have been accepted. I would appreciate your help in undestanding the reason of rejection or any other suggestion!
Since i couldn’t share the track with SoundCloud and i have only my cell phone for a few days i just created a quick and weird video with my track as theme (it’s the pic of a giant turtle i just saw in South Africa!!! :sweat_smile:). So please don’t mind the video, only the track!!!

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Dhalsim1981, I really love this track! Honestly beats me why it got rejected, I think even with it behind that picture of a turtle it was able to create a mood and a story. The production and programming is really great. My best guess as to why it was rejected would be that AJ either has too many of this type of track or that it’s too much of a “niche” track that wouldn’t have as big of a buying audience as something like an epic/cinematic orchestral track. I wouldn’t take it too personally, at the very least you have a highly workable to track that you can put to work in other ways.

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Oh thank You so much, i really appreciate!!! :sweat_smile:

“ track that you can put to work in other ways”

It sounds like a good hint. What can You do with rejected Tracks? How to “recycle”?!

There are plenty of other places you could publish this track! AJ rules doesn’t let me name them here but I’m sure a quick google search would help!

Got it :blush: thanks!

Suggestion needed!!!

Hey Dhalsim!

IMO, your track is amazing so it’s really hard to figure out why it could have been rejected. If I had to venture a reason, though, it would be the percussion section in general.

For starters, the arrangement might be little busy for such a subtle and picaresque composition. The triangle and finger cymbals (or whatever that bell-like instrument is) play basically on every bar from start to end. Less is more in this case, in my opinion.

Also, the triangle lacks sustain for my taste and overall all the percussion section sounds slightly more MIDI and programmed than the rest of the track, in which you achieved a beautiful naturality. It might also be just a little loud in the mix, drawing more attention than it should.

I think that if you remove some of the elements from the percussion tracks it will give the piece more air and you’ll be able to re-submit.

Hope it helps! I really liked the track and definitely can think of many uses for it!


Thanks, Very very useful comment. I must agree in the percussioni section. The triangle is the weakest issue, i kept changing the sample til i thought i was becoming maniac and finished the track this way!!! :sweat_smile: still i can’t find this a reason for a hard rejection…
I would be very happy to make the suggested changes and resubmit it but i don’t know how it works: changing the percussive section would be enough even if I had a hard rejection?

Well, re-submission policies are a bit blurry. Personally, I re-submitted hard rejected tracks after mixing and mastering tweaks only (significant EQ corrections, levels adjustments, master, etc.) and they ended up being accepted. Other times I re-worked the arrangement more in depth and also made it through.

Don’t waste this track because it certainly has potential. I have a few in this genre as well and they worked pretty well. If I were a customer, though, I’d prefer yours! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! The quirky sounds very nice!

The track is excellent work.

My guess is that the reviewer did not view it as having much utility or would not have wide appeal. What was the reason given for rejection? What category did you suggest for the track? I am wondering if there might have been a better category for it.

I would suggest listening to tracks that are for sale to determine if you can identify any similar tracks for sale. Then check the date that the track was posted. If it has been a few years and the track has not sold well, you may have your answer. Not every track works for every marketplace. Many times, the rejection has more to do with the marketplace than the track.

Thanks. I submitted it in “comedy”. I made a check and it seemed to me a good genre for selling.

The rejection seems to refer to the quality standard rather than to commercial reason, at least at the begin. Here is what they replied:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Quirky funny orchestra” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

I like track, only reason for reject I see it’s loud bells. Keep it up! Definitely turtle story! :wink:

@GoodMusicMood, thanks. Basically a liked the bells and the percussion section a little loud but I agree that this point can be optimized. Though, could this be a reason of hard rejection? It seems to me a minor issue that would bring to a soft rejection

This track sounds really good to me. If I had to offer criticism I’d say the arrangement might build a little too slowly & as others have stated the triangle & hi percussion stands out just a little too much. Keep up the good work, best of luck to you with your future submissions!

@LonelySeaProductions thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t consider the build up could be too slow, I’ll think about it.
About the percussion, as I wrote above, Basically I liked the bells and the percussion section a little loud but I agree that this point can be optimized. Though, could this be a reason of hard rejection? It seems to me a minor issue that would bring to a soft rejection

From my amazing and pro perspective, this track has a lot of 200-400 Hz mud in frequencies, meaning too loud on that area of Hz. Also… some parts are too dry and empty, you should add some atmosphere ambient background pads etc… otherwise good track

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No reasons for hard reject for sure. Nice track and it have it’s commercial potential I think.

Dear audiojunglers,
I re-submitted the track (for the final version listen below) after making all the changes you suggested plus some other minor improvements… Well they just seem not to like it! :frowning: Hard rejected again

@WormwoodMusic @Pandocrator @GoodMusicMood