Hard rejected - WHYYYY? They placed one of my track that has worse quality than the rejected tracks.

What happens? it is impossible… How do I have to create track if I am not understanding what envato needs.
I’ve read documentation, tried to make all what Community is recommending, but… The worse track was placed successful (I didn’t guess that this track will be placed, it was just attempt to become an author).

The track that is selling:


After that I analyzed some tracks and tried to create something like other successfully music works (I mean compered the quality, volume, instruments, structure etc.)

Two tracks that were rejected:

1st track

I suppose: whistle was recording on bad mic and voices are from standard library of Logic X Pro (sample rate is correct like in the first submitted track)

2nd track

here is: maybe structure… I don’t know. What do you think? Maybe is there problem in my description of profile? Is music very bad and terrible? Help please.

I understand that I am a competitor for you and there is nothing why you have to help me, but if you want to help just write please. Very important for me because to many hours I am trying to create new peace, you know and Would like to improve myself here on Envato.

Thanks guys for attention!

Good luck and no reject!

King regards,
Your Jungle’s brother


sorry I’ll give my honest feedback, don’t take it personnally :slight_smile:

the first corporate track… well… the guitar seems to resonate too much from one chord to the other, the bass is a bit… well… special… :slight_smile:

Second track, this fast arpeggio piano has a strange sound, too mechanical and robotic, and the drums sounds are more “metal” than “romantic” to my ears. Also the strings after 2:00 sound like a mellotron.

Now for the track that has been accepted… I am surprised as well… around 2:15 there are big timing issues… I remember having been rejected because I had a slight slight timing issue with some hats that were loose to keep the groove :slight_smile:

Well I hope this will help you a bit…

Good luck for your next submissions. I know how it feels to get a rejection…

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Hello! I will give my honest opinion too:

The guitar strummer from kontakt is too evident in the first track (i’ve used it and I always try to hide it). The vocals sound too gospel, they don’t fit the mood. In the second track the mellotron strings don’t fit the genre. In this context you need to sound real. I love how mellotron stuff sounds but it can be distracting if used in a track like that. Also drums sound distracting. None of the tracks sound engaging or emotional to me. Try to focus more on emotions. Add more organic elements to your music. Try to make it sound more real: use better sounds, play with the midi timing and velocity and try to improve your mixing skills. I think that the composition (chords, melodies and arrangement) is good but you need to step up the production.

I hope this helps, good luck!


Thank you for honest feedback! Do not sorry, it is wonderful that you can write absolutely honest.:blush:

About mellotron… I’ve used it specially :slight_smile:

About drums. Yes, I didn’t know what I have to do with it. Didn’t find the right groove and style.

But quality of track in general. Is it normal?

About guitar’s resonance : it sounds just the second (E and F#) :slight_smile:

About bass: thanks too!

Really I am very thankful for your fast feedback!

Thank you for this answer! I appreciate it. Really thanks! :slight_smile:

It was my decision precisely for those tracks not use plugins except for Logic’s plugin :slight_smile: (guitar rhythm used from Kontakt)

The second request about drums :sweat: need to learn and hear more.

About mood and emotion… I’ll take into account all that you’ve written!

Can you recommend some tutorials how to mix and how to improve the sound production?


Totally in phase with what you wrote!

The best of the best tutorials: Puremix and Mixing With The Masters. Both paid but Puremix has some free stuff.

On Youtube you can find some good stuff too: Dave Pensado’s into the lair, Recording Revolution, Produce Like a Pro, Pro Audio Files, etc.

Also, If you just type “mixing tutorial” on Youtube you can find really good stuff from more channels.

Remember that your ears are the most important thing. Don’t just copy the techniques you see and hope they work. Judge yourself.

I guess you need just a little more time to figure out with the good libraries, mix, master, arrangement… Just be patient, you got something there. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I just saw this was like ages ago… Maybe you are now ready :smile:

Nice advice… :slight_smile: I always thought that emotional expressiveness is one of the main keys for a nice composition (corporate doesn’t count lol)
Good luck!