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Hello everyone! I got my first reject on track I didn’t really expect to be rejected, because its sound isn’t much different from previous tracks, so I hope you can help me a bit and give some feedback on it.
It’s “epic” orchestral peace and I suspect that it got rejected because of distorted low brass sound, but maybe I am wrong. Thanks =)

Distorted brass sounds okay. composition is not bad, piano sound is a bit cheap sounding. Only two real things that bother me are the high violin sound that comes in at 0:39, it is panned too much to the left, and the drums are all over the place at the end towards the climax. And o yeah, the fade out could’ve been more subtle at the end as well!

Good luck!

I agree with Flowsopher… I would add: simplify the violins (remove odd notes) and add more reverb or delay to the whole tune…


It seems to me that the horn strongly dominated and still much to throw at the panorama in the right. I would advise you to move the horn a little bit closer to the center as it is a solo theme. More Analyze general panorama seems to me that the right side is a little dominant. (In this I am not sure yet verified) While the headphones sound good, but not so on the monitors.

Thanks to everyone =)

cool composition and epic mood

mb creschendo of second brass wave on 8 sec is not very well syncronized with everething else

Well there is nothing really wrong with this track. Maybe it was rejected just because there are literally thousands of similar track on AudioJungle. The other songs on the market are not better or worse than this yours - they just sounds very similar. Maybe thats the reason. But keep on doing your good work man! :slight_smile:

I think it’s an emotional and great sounding track. Can’t think of reasons it got rejected

it sounds great in my opinion, maybe it’s only a matter of not having a bridge in the middle of the composition that changes the melody a bit, the main melody is always the same riff of chords, try to vary it a little bit if you want.

I’m really confused, did you get a hard reject on this???
Cause with a soft reject they always tell you what to enhance or fix. But if they hard rejected this i seriously see no reason at all, the track might be a bit generic but that’s not a sin in here, you know ? The violins are busy but I liked a lot the way you played with the melody there. Sounds like LASS, was it ?

Hi! Yep, I got hard rejected ) And no, the strings are combination of Cinematic Strings and Orchestral Essentials mixed together. ) Guess, I’ll remake this track after getting my mixing skills better =).

woow! quiet expensive setup. I only can dream about that :sweat_smile:

Ok , I listened carefully now from home on my studio speakers and not from my iphone headphones as yesterday.
The composition is very good. Indeed generic but that’s a golden rule here, remember “The middle of the Street” advice? So no problem there. What most probably bugged the review team was: First - the fade out at the end. You cut the tail abruptly, strong mistake but easily fixable. On the other hand the percussion ( although this is subjective) is buried into the whole mix and nowadays it’s more marketable to make them louder and clearer mix-wise.
Maybe you should hi-pass some of the elements in the mix that don’t need information bellow 200 Hz to make them stand out more. Finally I woud recomend getting Sample Magic’s Magic AB plugin and keep good reference tracks to emulate them when mixing/mastering.
But again, if it was me I wouldn’t hard rejected this track at all !

Thanks a lot. That plugin seems to be really useful. And I will pay more attention to end of track, usually I just cut it where the chord ends and make simple 1 bar fade out, it usually sounds OK for me :alien:

This is perfect to what audio jungle wants us to compose, stylewise. However, the right side brass seem to take over on the mix, as well the strings, busy notes section, seem to play some more “edgy” notes, which didn’t bother me at all, but may concern the commercial use. Also, the end is a bit abrupt. Hope this helps. Good job, keep it up!

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I know, i just really take my time to listen the tracks before giving feedback … :sweat_smile:

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