Audiojungle Reviewers: "Pro vs "Amateur" !!"

I upload this track:

Not accepted!! why?
"Hi, the brass does not sound realistic enough here, can you remove it, or find better samples?"
It’s a joke!!! No sample!! it’s a real brass recording on studio !!! (French horn & Bugle horn)

Please Envato, be pro !

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I share your pain, but I have to say, the mastering / mixing is a bit rough - if I didn’t know they were live recorded, I’d say the same really, as the sound is quite rough and “plasticlike”. Not sure if there is something you can still do to make the overall sound more bright and alive? Good luck!


Thanks Driving for your comment ! but don’t worry about me, Audiojungle is just for fun. :wink:
I make music, and money with Universal (films, trailers, adverts…) all around the world, so… i’m not pain. :smile:
“the sound is quite rough” : yes, I want this! Indie folk music is not pop or classical music. I want brass with “balls”, with a little traditional timbre, no vibrato.
(sorry for my English :smile:)

Well, all sample libraries use real horns too so it should be hard to distinguish one from the other…

That being said, I think the acoustic guitar in the beginning sounds really good but then I’d have to agree - the mix suffers from the lifeless horns and the guitar amp reverb/noise??? in the left channel.

Yes, i understand and agree. :blush:

It sounds like the brass recording is out of phase. Or you’re eqing the brass way too much. Just in general there isn’t much top end to anything.
Indie sound to me is always darker, and smooth highs, natural (light eq). Basically scooping the only frequencies your brass is making sound in.

Also as a side note, if you’re taking the time to write here, where people are working hard for their Audio Jungle portfolio, it’s best not to ask for help, then flip us off by saying you’re doing this “just for fun”.


the brass sounds real enough to me, but it’s not coming through the mix very well, I would personally dial down the guitar when the brass comes in. I like the roughness of the mix and it works well, but to some reviewers they may not appreciate the aesthetic you were going for and complain about the mixdown. Track sounds good to me though!

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I totally agree with you panoramicprod. This must be a joke! Fantastic track, very good sound. Hope the reviewers will overthink this decision…good luck. Cheers, Mario

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I find that these
sound a bit too harsh
or at least on my monitors bx5 d2 they don’t sound very pleasant

you could also try submitting that to musicbed
if they reject your work maybe try to master that song again
not sure

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Yup, this seems like one that, although I agree the mix isn’t what I would go for, should have been approved. The reviewers here are great people and do a great job, but they aren’t perfect. Just an example of a mistake.

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The only thing that bothers me about this track is that everything sounds overly compressed/limited, especially the acoustic guitars. In my opinion, they typically don’t need much compression at all when you’re consistently strumming hard like this.

Also, a good trick with acoustic, when you’re double tracking it, try playing the chords in a different tuning or position on the guitar so the frequencies don’t stack.


I agree with OutLoudMusic
Everything is overcompressed/limited, probably in mastering stage. I think that’s why it sounds flat.
The brass seems very dry to me, maybe that’s why the reviewer thought it’s a sample library.
I liked the song and the arrangement, i think the only thing that needs work is the mix.
The one thing that i really don’t like is the overdriven guitar in the left channel, it sounds like a constant noise.


The mastering sounds fine to me, but I think the song is way too repetitive (I’m also an AJ author on another account, but I’m no professional musician to be honest)

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Good tip! Or if it’s too late, use a pitch modulator or chorus plugin. +5 cent can make a huge difference. Or sometimes what I find myself doing is eq:ing same guitar differently for L and R channels, taking down frequencies a notch that otherwise would stack, but only on one or the other channel.


I second that. I believe, the compression is so tight the brass barely have room to open up. That’s exactly the case when chasing the loudness kills all the life…

Yup, I can’t check it for sure, but judging by what i hear, i believe that the RMS sits between -8/-9db, and that’s too much especially for this kind of song. Pulling it down to -11db/-12db will improve the dynamics and allow the sound to “breathe”, as you said brass don’t have the room to open up.
There’s really no point in “chasing the loudness” with music that will probably be used as background audio.


We’re OK !!
:grinning: :grinning:

A good link !!!

Seems to me that everything is in red (clipping). Also the end is a little untidy. And I don’t see at all why you need brass in this song. I like the song though, its just that it sounds unpolished due things i mentioned

Have to agree with @WaveNebula here. Lower the rms output to like -10 to -12. The song sounds good so I think fixing the loudness should improve the chance getting accepted.