Is my jingle already in the proper quality?

Hi everyone. I would love your opinion on what you think might be wrong on this jingle. Some of my jingles have been rejected. I was mostly successful just with more “rocky” tracks. I’m new on Audiojungle and I’d love to know if there’s anything really bad haha
Thank you for any tips.

here’s the link for the track:

I think the drums sounds good! And it could probably be a ok track, but theres too much problems with the mix and the instruments at the moment.
The mix sounds muddy and unbalanced, theres no top end and no room sound and the balance between the instruments is weird. Your pianosound is a bit plastic sounding and the performance is stiff and repetetive. It sounds like you have recorded a few bars, hard quantized them and copied it throughout the track. Try to make the piano perfomance more fluid and dynamic.
The string sound isnt up to the standard it should be, the same with the brass. On top of that its completely dry, making it sound artificial. If you have any alternative string and brass sounds, try them. If not, try to add some reverb to the ones you got and put them a little louder in the mix. Maybe you could double the brass with another sound?
Hope this helps and good luck!


I agree with @Hyperprod that mix sound not balances well. Also I hear some problems with equalisation. (for example there are to much low and middle low frequencies at piano). Mood of composition and melody is very cool for AudioJungle. All you need is to arrang it better and mix it with good commercial quality. Good luck! :slight_smile:

First of all, my opinion is that you need better sound libraries, they sound too “plastic”. Also, levels of the instruments are not balanced well and mix doesn’t sound good, just like @LuckyBlackCat and @Hyperprod said.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I think is : percussion is very great !!! But piano with strings is very midi voice ((( Change your piano sound and string sound and will be better !!! track as a whole is very steep !!!

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at it! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone :slight_smile: @LuckyBlackCat @Hyperprod @WildLion_Production @RainyAudio
I tried to use all the tips you gave me. I would love to hear your opinion on this version :slight_smile:
here’s the link:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Everything is cool except:
1 violin at the beginning still some midi
2 Horns same
and everything else I like , especially the piano and percussion )))

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sounds much better now! Much tighter and more powerful and the piano sounds much better!
There are still some problems though.

  • The strings sounds better but still not convincing when its exposed and in the higher register, try to lower it in the mix at those exposed moments or have it play an octave down.
  • The brass still sound terrible. Thin, phasing and too little room. Which library are you using for brass? I would try another instrument for the brass melody if you haven’t any better options for brass.
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I agree with @Hyperprod, @WildLion_Production. Strings and brass sound is bad. Try to use more quality sample.
Piano sound is fine. :+1:

Sounds better, but you definitely need other library for brass. Percussions and piano sounds really good.

@WildLion_Production @Hyperprod @RainyAudio @LuckyBlackCat
Thank you very much for all the tips!
I did a new version (hopefully the final one :smiley:)
Again, I would love to hear your opinions.


I think you first need to mix it better, there is some clutter (lots going on at the same time) so you’d want to bring down the volume on some instruments that is not the brass lead. Second is stereo placement, you got the piano, staccato string, brass and pretty much everything in the center. You can use something like this to help you pan it;

Personally, I think the brass samples sounds OK but it’s one of those that you really need to put in the correct room (reverb) to make it work. Try a convolution reverb with impulse responses from concert halls. Also use that reverb for everything to make it all it in the same acoustic space.

I think the master sounds OK, just focus on the mix.


I agree @_Pengus with. Now samples are ok. All you need is to mix it fine.

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Congratulations, this last version has improved 100% from the original. Good luck on your submission.

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@_Pengus @LuckyBlackCat
Thanks! I tried to work on the stereo placement as you said.
Here’s the actual version:

What do you think about that? :slight_smile:

Awesome change @PickleBombStudios

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It sounds much much better. I’m sorry but I made my last comment only having listened to your first post, I didn’t notice that you had already updated it once. Anyway, good job :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! We’ve submitted it already. We hope it will go through. :slight_smile:

@_Pengus @LuckyBlackCat @Hyperprod @FankiMankizProductio
Hi everyone, I’m sorry for bothering you again, I’ve just recieved an email, that the track has been rejected.
"This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "
Do you have any ideas what could be wrong with the jingle? Thank you :slight_smile:

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