First track ever. Do I have a chance? :) Thanks!!

After browsing this site for some time, I’m still trying to figure out what would fly with the reviewers here. I’m anxiously waiting for reviewers to get to my first submission now. I’d appreciate if you guys can give me some feedback on my first piece:

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Sounds good! The mood is great, and you’re on the right track. One thing I will say is that the drums might be a little too energetic / aggressive. Maybe try a simpler, steadier beat with less snare in between counts. Also, the brass may not be entirely suitable. It’s tough to get brass right in these types of tracks, and it seems to be a running notion that tracks with too much brass get rejected :stuck_out_tongue: . To be on the safe side, I’d either attenuate it or remove it completely.

Keep in mind I’m analysing this purely based off experience on AudioJungle - often tracks get rejected, and there’s nothing wrong with them as standalone tracks - they’re just not necessarily very commercially viable.

Mix wise, it sounds ok to me, though SoundCloud MP3 compression always ruins the high end, so make sure the real version sounds crisp and clean. The piano at 0:50 sounds great, though I would go easy on the reverb as using too much quickly adds unnecessary resonance and ‘mud’ to the track.

I think this track has a good chance of being accepted, but don’t take it too personally if it gets rejected. Just keep at it and you’ll be doing well. This is a production music site, and the key here is usability and versatility. You’ll find that in time, you will develop an intuition of what sells and what doesn’t sell here. Just like any area of expertise, there is a learning curve.

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Thank you for your kind feedback! These are very good tips about the track and AJ content in general. Much appreciated!!

I have to say, as a new guy, I’m really impressed with the community so far! :+1::+1::+1:

maybe I could try dialing down instead of simplifying…

You could give that a go, yes. Make sure to post the new version here when you’re done! :wink:

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Well done:smiley:

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Great sound for your first track! I will agree with AurusAudio about the drums, especially the snare, being a bit busy. The brass does sound just a bit mechanical, although I like where it’s going. I also agree with Aurus about toning down the brass, but I don’t think you should get rid of it completely. Maybe just use it a bit less and with better control.

Apart from that, you are on the right track. With a bit of work, I could see this song being very usable. Good work and good luck my friend!

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Is this better? :slight_smile:


The track itself has a lot of potential, though I’m still not crazy about the drums in this context. This track sounds like it could be a fantastic driving cinematic piece without drums at all. :wink:

It’s my personal opinion, but the rock-style rhythms (especially the fills) don’t quite fit in. Also, the drums sound pretty much the same as they did before.

My advice: make the orchestral parts of the track shine and go full cinematic inspirational.


Just wait a little bit! You have a great chances!:grinning:

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Gotta agree with AurusAudio, the rock style drums don’t really fit to me either. I would drop the drums and either use none or some orchestral timpani drum hits. Also the brass that comes in sounds a bit thin and fake, I would swap that out with a deeper, softer brass that has some thickness to it so it’s more EPIC


I like your track, and if this one does not get accepted, others will.

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Thanks a lot, guys, for all your input! It’s VERY useful. This track got hard rejected after 12 days of waiting :smile:, but thanks to you, I think I have a better understanding of how to improve it, and what to do in the future. Cheers!

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That’s a great attitude! You’ll do well here.


The track was rejected for quality. Below is an excerpt from the email:
Unfortunately, this submission doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be accepted.

Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our commercial buyers, for their varied projects. Ideal audio submissions should demonstrate the ability to support multiple visual works in general. A higher degree of general commercial viability would therefore be required.

Please consider viewing our Top Sellers page to get a good sense of the commercial quality of popular files:

If you wish to resubmit more content, please review the engineering and composition and make improvements to a commercial standard before attempting to upload again.

So, what I’m getting from this is that the track may not be suitable for a big enough number of video projects. I get that, there is not enough commercial value. What worries me is the mentioning of the “engineering and composition”. Do you guys think that the “thin trumpets” and the “aggressive drums” is the reason? Do you think the quality of the track is low?