Nervously awaiting approval on first track submitted

Hi everyone, I’m hoping to become a fellow author here on AJ. I really am passionate about creating music for multi-media platforms and hoping I’m good enough to become as successful as you guys! If anyone could spare me a few precious minutes of their time, that would be totally amazing. I have listened and researched lots of music everywhere online, to hopefully get some kind of idea to what is popular and sought after.

Here is my first ever attempt of a track that is currently in the AJ approval queue. (Please be honest and kind :woozy_face: :pray:

Thank you all so very much and good luck to all the newbies like me!!


I love that you are determined! That’s really great. Personally, it seems to me that the music sounds too “midi”, it lacks liveliness and “humanity”. The mood of the track is quite suitable for the market, but the arrangement, choice of libraries, mixing… All these things are not at the most suitable level yet. I’d like to believe that your track will be approved, but it seems to me that this will not happen. This is just my opinion, bro, sorry

Unfortunately I need to agree to @SolarStock 's opinion. I heard your track yesterday…and today again. You’re on a good way, but this item is not yet on a level to get approved. You’ll see what happens. If the item will be rejected, don’t give up. Nearly everyone of the authors here got a rejection. Start your next song. My hint: here more items from successful authors here and compare it to your music. It needs a while to find out the several points, which makes the music ready for the market.

One needs to be really careful when it comes to real instruments. Brasses in particular due to the fact that they are using plenty of articulations. Choose your libraries wisely and study big band music. The drums are mechanical and the kick drum stands up too much. Overall the whole mix sounds washed in reverb. Using room reverb on these kinds of tracks is not a bad idea, but don’t overdo it. The piano performing is a bit sloppy as well.

If you want a good example for pop brass and basslines, watch this video. Concentrate to the brasses and try to hear the many articulations.

Hi Paul,I agree with everyone here. I am a brass player myself and the brass parts are way too “Midi.” Have a look into some better libraries. Your research has proved positive, these are certainly the kind of tracks that do well but unfortunately yours needs much more work before being accepted.
You say you’ve done the research to see what is popular and now you need to expand on that and use those tracks as a reference for mixing and mastering.
I won’t repeat the other points here by other authors but agree with them. I wish you all the best on your journey.


Thank you!

Love this track you have very kindly provided for me to hear and I surely do now understand where I am going wrong. I’ll gladly take your honest guidance and advice - thank you for the suggestions. Thank you.

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for your support and guidance. I feel you have a genuine kindness in the way you have posted and I truly respect this of you. There is so much more that I would love to learn and develop for creating some cool professional sounding grooves. Maybe I was being slightly too ambitious and clueless to thinking I might be accepted at a pro level, when it’s now (sadly) very obvious that my programming skills need much improvement.

However, being mostly self taught boogie/pop gigging pianist, these hard times have inspired me to try new ideas and I’m genuinely very much enjoying the creative process. I know I have it in me and I sure will study every aspect of music production/composing lark in order to achieve more personal goals!

Thank you and best of luck with your own success Gary - you are very talented.



Hi SolarStock,

After two days of pondering and crying - haha, I have come to realise that I have a long way to go - according to these ‘very’ honest views and feelings about my first attempt. I’ll simplify my work and try some new ideas. I have lots of ideas and would say being a long term experienced gigging pianist in the corporate and wedding industries, there’s much more to learn about creating ‘realistic’ tracks.

Keep it ‘real’ hey bro

Have a good one - don’t be sorry - we are all entitled to our opinions.