Need advice before my first upload

Hi all,

I am a new member on AJ and a complete newbie in terms of stock music. I did my research though :smiley: . After going through many topics on this forum and watching tons of yt videos, I decided to give it a shot. I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback and advice on my first track.


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Sounds great and professional quality to me. Short and sweet, simple, versatile, very clean good quality track. I think this has plenty of commercial value

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I am new too and so far I have only made sound effects so I don’t have advice. But I wanted to say I like your piece and I agree it is very versatile. Good luck.


What kind of sound effects do you make? It’s rare for me to find another sound effects person here.

Thanks guys for your kind words, I really appreciate it. Feel much more confident now. Let’s see if it will get approved :slight_smile:

I’ll try.
It seems to me that in terms of musical composition it could be good but it would be necessary to work and improve a lot in two fundamental aspects.
On the one hand, the structure of the song begins directly with the guitar theme and all the instrumentation with which the possibilities are already exhausted.
Perhaps you could start off with just the backing guitar and then add elements of percussion until you get to the theme increasingly so that it creates an upward emotion. If you look at most of the tracks here they are worked like this.
On the other hand, the quality of the drum accompaniment sounds would have to be greatly improved, I don’t know if a piano and some strings sound at the end. I don’t appreciate it well. All that should be better defined.
I hope I have helped you, it’s just my humble opinion.

Thanks for taking time to review my first track. I’ve already noticed the composition pattern on AJ and it’s exactly how you described it. I wanted to get it straight to the point but I’ll try to build it up next time.
Regarding the drums, I’am using free vst so it might sound not as natural as the paid versions. They’re already pretty processed with lots of compression on them so I tried to do my best to make it right :smiley:. Can you recommend any good sounding samples/plugins so I can improve it?
Thanks for your honest opinion and good advice.

Hello Soundrum.
Glad to have helped you with my comment.
As for your question about sound libraries, I can’t help you much because I use hardware and I’m not aware of virtual libraries.
Sorry I can’t help on this issue.

Hi, the track is good. I think you need to add more low frequencies, you can compare your track with other tracks of the same genre and you will understand what I mean. Thanks. Good Luck!

Kontakt has some good drum libraries. Some of them are kind of expensive, but worth checking out IMO.

maybe you can tweek the dynamics a bit more. Low end. The end is kind of sudden. At least give it some more reverb at the end. It could do well as a logo/ident (a bit to long). But it has the feel of an eighties/ninethies sitcom. Overall a good piece!
Good luck