Help an enthusiast - rejected track



Hello, my first submission was rejected, and I think it is hard rejected, as I cannot resubmit it. I expected that from what I read about other newbie authors but unfortunately I did not receive feedback on what I need to improve to meet the industry standards. Could you please advise me on that?


Hi @ddjangozov. Take a listen to the top items, analyze and compare with your track. Improve your production skills and your knowledge about musical theory. The composition, rhythm, mix/mastering and used sounds, there are a lot of issues that avoid an approvement.


Hi @FOXYAudio, thanks, I listen and try to compare with them. I still do not understand the particular reason - is the composition too monotonous or not commercial enough by having a change, what is the issue with the rhythm (a standard beat), the mix/mastering (is there an element that does not stand out properly?) and sounds - is the piano artificial or is it the other elements?


You’re welcome. Yes I think the first issue is that the composition isn’t commercial enough. There is too much reverb on the kick, the rhythm is monotonous and the piano sounds extremely artificial. Insufficient changes in velocity, and it’s quantized too heavy…


I agree with ddjangozov!
Just listen top track!
Your track is not format of audiojungle!
And you need better mixing and arrangement!
Try to add melody!)))


Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind :slight_smile:


Hey @ddjangozov

I agree with what others have said here, try to listen to top tracks or trending tracks right now, try to learn the format of those tracks like the chord progressions, instrumentation, tempo etc… and with that information, just keep going and I think you’ll definitely get there! :smiley: