Unfortunate first submission


This one got rejected, which isn’t a problem, since this is the first stock-type track i ever made, the problem is in the track itself ^^) any suggestions on what it is?

You need to mix it better, and mastering well, to start.

Thanks, thought so. Is this the only reason? what about the composition itself?

Composition is a little bit monotonous, you need to improve something like a main melody and some changes in the track. For example, the end part, around 1:50, try to use it like a break or bridge. Something like a make the song breath sometimes.
Use some open chords in the guitar there. Try to improve some bass melody could be good.
This is just my opinion, music is art, and art is always subjetive.

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all the time the track sounds the same. need a progression. we need more reverb. the track sounds dry and close.

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no, you made good points, thanks.

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Hello brother,
You have done a good job but Your track is a little empty and needs richer melodic instruments to make your story perceivable.
and as always as I said for previous New authors
-Update the samples library, you need a good quality of Vstis and samples to get better results
-listen to some similar tracks in Audiojungle to have an idea about the quality.
-like what Manriquedelara keep practicing with Mix and the master

Don’t give up keep working, and I wish you good luck


checked the other “aj-rejected” posts, you always there for us, bro) cheers to that

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