Just got SUPER rejected.

Hi everyone!

I´m a composer from Germany and was pretty confident this week would be my first as a selling author. However all of my tracks got rejected.
Can anyone give me some input on the tracks?

Listenable Link to all submitted tracks here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/btnqzxmi9tjhjgu/AAD22E-iqkerdNv7VoxOJyg9-ia?dl=0

For the “Happy Corporate” track and the “Tech Drum Bass” track I knew they possibly might not pass the bar. However rejecting the other two tracks felt weird to me.

edit: To make it easier for everyone:





Thanks very much in advance to everyone :slight_smile:

Hello SchallundBilder,

The first thing I’d tell you is not to be discouraged, and I understand that isn’t easy when you’ve had multiple tracks rejected.

I hear some good ideas in your tracks, but the development of them and the production is lacking a bit.

When the rejection email says to check out the Popular Items page to hear examples of what they’re looking for, it is a good suggestion. Don’t listen with the idea of copying exactly what someone else is doing, of course. Listen for how successful authors use variation and surprise to move their tracks forward, while at the same time making them useful for their primary purpose: to support visuals.

Many of the tracks on the Popular Items page are played, arranged and mixed very well. In order to get your submissions accepted, you need to learn as much as you can about good arranging and mixing, and keep working on it. There is a wealth of information out there if you look for it.

I heard some interesting stuff in your tracks. Hang in there, and post again here when your tracks get accepted. They will be, and I would like to hear more of your work.




Thank you very much for the kind words! I will try to listen more closely to what you mentioned!

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Maybe try to make some logos first :slight_smile: This way you will quickly find how to make more or less “typical” audio jungle tracks.

Hey thanks for the reply. By typical you mean in terms of mixing/mastering quality? (I believe this is the reason the tracks got rejected).

Yes. And also arrangement. Like someone before said, your tracks have a lot of good elements, but you need to polish them to fit audio jungle standards. You are very close, so be patient :slight_smile: Try logos, you will do them quick and you will have opportunity to experiment on quality. Listen to other AJ tracks also and use them as reference.

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