Need advice!! All my tracks got rejected.

Hello friends! I’m new to AudioJungle and trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with my tracks. I’ve tried to submit tracks in different styles, worked on mixing and mastering, but every time I get hard reject. This is my latest track in corporate style, would you mind to listen and share your opinion what I need to improve? Almost 2 months in “submit-reject” mode are quite frustrating and I start to loose my motivation to write for AJ… I tried to write a message for reviewer to give me at least general idea what to improve, but all their answers are standard…

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi there , I think they give you a reject because of harmony , because it is not commercial music and non-commercial sound ! Listen Top authors tracks , and write !

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Hi! Thanks for your message and opinion! What do you think soundwise? Mix and master is ok?

I got no the best ears in the kingdom but the first thing i see its the low piano. It sounds too embarrassed.

Hi, your track is poorly produced. Take a drum section for example. It goes looping for 1 minute without any changes. The dynamics is bad, mix full of resonant frequencies and the choice of sounds is not the best for ear pleasing in my opinion.

Hi @River_Of_Sound , I agree with @Enrize , you must work on your mixing skills , for example , if you can compose track that’s equally awesome to tracks from Hans Zimmer , and production is bad, that track won’t be good. Luckily for you you tube is full with awesome tips for mix and mastering !!!
Good luck dude !

Hi! Many many thanks for your message! I tried to make drums based on top corporate tracks. For example in this track drums have absolutely NO fills for almost 3 minutes… Only kick and hi-hat all the time… I thought it is good for background music. As I said I’m new to commercial music. Never wrote music to make backgroung for something… :slight_smile:

Thanks again!