Track rejected.. once again

Hello guys! I am new on Audiojungle, 16 years old composer, though i have a lot of of trouble starting, I had 4 rejections out of 6 tracks… and I can’t find out why they get rejected :confused: I already asked Josepharaoh99 about the track, he said the drums were maybe a little too loud and tune not prominent enough, but he recommended me to post here.
So I just wanted to have a little more feedback, and know better why it was rejected, it would really help me !

here’s my track :

thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi, the track is not displayed.

Hi, sorry it should be now

Ok now I see. With 0:55 should be the culmination of in my opinion, not the pit. Pit locality starting with 1:13 to be. No development. Sound great!


got that MikhailGraydMusic ! thank you

Agree that it needs to peak a little earlier and maybe a bit bigger, as it seems to drag along a bit before that.

Another thought would be to bring it up a few BPM as well to take away that draggin’ feel?

All in all it’s a well put together track, just minor tweaks needed imho.


The track sounds good to me. Maybe remixing the drums would help, especially on the kick. Hope that helps!

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Alright so i’il change the structure as you said,and yea I’ll try bringing the BPM up a little, thank you. Hopefully it will be accepted !

The drums were initially voluntarily loud, but I think a little to much , and yes I’il try remixing them , thanks for your advice !