Second Rejected Track. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi! Here is my second submission, which was rejected. Any advice on where I went wrong with this track would be appreciated.

btw, many thanks to OvertSounds for their feedback on my first submission! :wink:


Hey once again! I’m gonna give this a try as well.

I’m just gonna be honest with you, that’s the only way I can help you.

  1. Drums sound artificial and midi, try using a different library to make it sound more realistic and alive.
  2. The track is too repetitive and long
  3. The arrangement needs a lot of work (For example: there is no need to have the intro twice (the 2nd starts at 0:10). This is just one example, doesn’t mean everything else is OK in the arrangement).
  4. There is a lack of development of melody, instruments and the composition needs a work as well
  5. The track is a bit annoying and monotonic

It’s great that you’re trying and I’m sure if you give it some time and try harder, you’ll be able to get a track approved. I think you need to watch many tutorials, listen to the approved tracks here and find out what does it have that your track is missing. Just choose a recent track with high number of sales and inspect it. Set markers to learn the structure, take notes to keep track of changes in instrumentation, etc. Choose higher quality sound libraries and VST instruments, watch videos on Mixing & Mastering.

I know it’s a lot, but if you love making music, it’s also fun. So good luck!

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Many thanks, OvertSounds! I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:


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