Need advice about my rejected track

Hi! I need advice of what’s wrong wtih this track. It was rejected with next message
This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

To be honest I like the idea! But there are some problems in the mixing phase! Try to get much more compressed low end and hi pass your reverb about 250hz. Try to choose another piano and keep the punch of the snare drum, it’s too whashy for me! The last thing I would suggest you is to change the arrangement a little bit and trying to get a shorter but a more effective track! Hope it was helpful! All the best!

I think that such drums don’t good for such type of track. I think you can make cinematic track with this melodies. Maybe it’s better to use some cinematic drums for this song. (toms, hits, ect). Hope this help you.

Thank you for advice! Should I try less electronic and more live drums may be?

Thank you) I’ll try to fix it

I think it’s better to use epic drums, not drum kit :slight_smile:

There is something to think about. Thanks :+1: