Feedback needed, please

Hi, guys

I’ve just finally uploaded this item after remixing it quite a lot.

I wonder what everyone thinks, could it get approved. Is it worth something? :smiley:

I’ve already sought out feedback after it was rejected some months ago and tried to apply all the great advice I had received.
I actually didn’t touch it for months and then got inspired and finished it in the last few days.
Check out how it sounded before:

Thanks for everyone’s help, criticism and advice.


I would appreciate some feedback very much.

pretty please :smiley:

Ok, here goes:

Overall, the track sounds midi-ish, one-dimensional and cheap. For example, the strings sound artificial and are lacking room and depth. The piano-like sound on the right playing the eight notes is just plasticky and annoying. The drums sound pretty sharp (hi-hat) which adds to the uninviting overall sound. The thing is, you are simulating real instruments and, based on that title I presume you are shooting for that inspiring, uplifting, cozy feeling, yet the track does not have any of that warmth and hand-made quality one would expect from such music.

Hope that helps, let’s see what the others think. Good luck!

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Composition is okay, but just as @FirstNote says: The sample quality of the instruments is too low, and therefore the quality of the whole track is not high enough. Befre you upload I would try to fix that. Invest in high quality sample libraries (or try some free vsti plugins) And you’ll hear what it does to the feel of a track like this!

Good luck!!!

Problem is, I AM using high quality libraries, but I don’t seem to be able to use them correctly in this context.
This kind of music is entirely foreign to me and I used this project as a learning experience and a way to start off into stock music production.
I’m into funk, acid jazz, and blues, stuff that I don’t see get a lot of sales on audiojungle.

Any advice on how to get these instruments sounding more natural.
I use Addictive Keys for piano (sounds great on its own but hard to make it work naturally in a mix), Session Strings for strings, and EZdrummer for drums.

anyone else?

Hi, if you have skills in specific genres, why are you trying to produce generic music?
there are already thousands of tracks in this style, and only a few are good and sell.
is it better to bet on a middling track in a saturated market or offer a quality work in a tighter niche?

Moreover, nothing prevents you from creating a new corporate style based on music that you’re able to produce… More exciting, isn’t it?

Just my 2cents :wink:
good luck

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Thank you to everyone for their critiques. It was very helpful. Made me realize my backing piano track was crap, so I changed it into an arpeggio kind of thing.
Also gave the theme to the violins, works better IMO and gives a different kind of feel that I like.
Sounds much better now and I hope good enough for AJ.
Tell me what you think…

Everyone? Anyone?


  1. Some instruments has cheap and unhuman sound (try to play live all melodies on keyboard, do not use mouse to create melody on your daw)
  2. Use relevant samples/vst instruments to get more natural and modern sound;
  3. Mix your track with right balance of frequencies (in this mix is very loud high frequencies and pour bass/mids).

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions.
Your third comment was very helpful cause I kinda lost the reference point

How about now?
I warmed up the sound a bit and lowered the hi hats and overheads levels.

Now balance of frequencies is better. I hear bass :slight_smile: Also you can try to lower volume of strings and woodwinds.

how does the piano sound to you now?
You think the strings are to loud or to bright?

Both. To my mind, strings/woods are to loud and to bright. Also strings and woods sample not relevant (sounds like in 90s). But maybe if make them quieter mix will be norm… :slight_smile: