Just Submitted My First Track - Feedback Kindly Requested

Hi all,

I just submitted my first track and I’m incredibly nervous. I was hoping that maybe some of you guys could give me some feedback so I know what to expect and ways I can improve.

Thanks for your time!

The “round of melody” of the bass at 0:24, which is repeated for the whole track seems out of time.
However in case the item will be rejected, you can always upload 4 additional files.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a little reality check is probably in order here.

There are countless issues with this piece, but the main thing that needs to be fixed before anything is else is the playing. It’s sloppy, it’s out of time, it’s out of tune, it’s not even close to a standard that would get accepted.

Not trying to be mean but I think you need to go wayyy back to the drawing board and practice your playing skills (locking in with a metronome/beat) and please use a tuner!


Would definitely agree @orbiterred but just add a bit more.
For me you just need to practice your production/editing skills. I feel like if you got this melody recorded you can easily re-edit it that will cover your small playing skill flaws. Other thing that even if you would make it right, it will be still not enough for stock music. You need to rethink your arrangement and song building skills. There is definitely a lot can be improved in mix (i.e. adding other instruments, careful volume levels of tracks, choosing what will be a lead instrument on which freq, etc etc). Fight mate, there is a long road ahead, no way to sleep :smiley: Lucks