Help - My item’s been rejected and I’d really appreciate feedback


This was my attempt at creating a stock music track. It was hard rejected, and I’d appreciate feedback.

It was rejected on the grounds of commercial quality, having been temporarily held for further review. That gives me hope that I was on the right track, but as a beginner, there are clearly areas I need to improve on.

Here’s the track:

I have looked at the various help topics, and listened to top selling tracks in a similar genre, and to my ears, the track is in the right ball park, but I guess ether the overall quality doesn’t stack up, or perhaps todays requirements have changed to those when the other tracks were originally submitted.

I’d really appreciate any feedback, especially if you think there are tweaks that could be made around the instrumentation, mixing or arrangement.

Thanks for reading.

@futuretrack . The performance is quite sloppy. The ukulele/guitar is not quite in place, so is the bell. The Bell lead melody gets quite unusual after the first part. Mixing wise, loose the cymbal. Is way to often and loud. The bell itself contains many unwanted resonances which are disturbing especially on smaller audition systems. The finale is way too sudden, lacks a proper ending. You need to pay a lot of attention to individual elements in the track, especially the dynamics. The sound lacks cohesivity and control. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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@Soundtrickz - thank you. That’s really constructive and helpful. I thought there might be issues around some of the areas you’ve highlighted, but wasn’t sure, and you’ve pointed out others I wasn’t aware of.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. You’ve given me some concrete areas I can focus on, and I really appreciate that.

Thanks again.


yeah from my perspective I think the main issue here is the timing. For the most part commercial stuff really has to be directly on the grid (or directly on the particular swing groove you happen to be using), so either you have to perform it completely flawlessly or else you’ll have to do some editing and warping to line it up.

The track itself is not bad… quite pleasant to listen to actually. The instrument quality is pretty good and personally I don’t have much of an issue with the mix. But there are slight moments where the timing is a little early or late, that’s the main thing I noticed

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@add9audio - that’s really great feedback, thanks. I’m encouraged by your comments, it really helps. I’ve made some timing adjustments, and am amazed by how much of a difference they have made to the overall feel of the music.

Many thanks.

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