Wishing all of you to rate my track before sending to AJ

Hi all professional composers.
After a lot of hard rejections I’m trying a new way.
I wish to listen to my track and give your opinions before sending my track for a new rejection:)
This is my new track:

I really need your opinions and thank you.

Hey UFT,

Nice track! In terms of composition, I think it fits quite well with what sells on here, maybe it’s a bit too much at times (too many notes), but it should pass review.

Now, production wise there are some issues that may induce a rejection. At the first listen the whole tracked sounded really boxy to me, but now I can’t hear it anymore.

The very first reverse piano chord is weak and doesn’t resolve well with the beginning of the track.

The bass is too weak or maybe overlapped by the low end of the guitars. Same thing for the kick, it’s not loud enough, especially compared to the snare. Not a fan of the snare sound either.

The strings are too loud in some parts, while the piano chords are not loud enough.

The whole track is a bit long but still within the range of what’s acceptable.

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Thank you PurpleFogSound for your detailed opinions. I’ll check my mix and intro again.:pray:

Cool track!
I think it can works perfectly on AJ…
Agree with loudness of strings… and sometimes the lead guitar…
Good luck!

Thank you so much Kannonh.

I revised the track and here the revised link:

I will be happy if you check the revised track and tell where did i go wrong.
Thank you so much friends.

In my opinion, the mix isn’t quite appropriate for this genre.
It goes ok for first 20 seconds, (maybe needs a little bit tweaking for the piano) but then the electric guitar kills the mood. You must get rid of that agrressive sound, and use a smoother tone.
Same for strings. Too agressive.
Good Luck!


This is my last mix:

Yes MagicMood9 i totally agree about aggressive sound. Thank you so much. You saw the main problem. I will try a smoother version.

And finally i gave up distortion guitars and revised entire mix again. I realized that i should make decisions of lead instruments and set the true balance of lead instruments and the rest of the arrangement.
By the way strings are still aggressive. Thank you anyone read and care my topic. Sorry for bad English.

Here is the final mix:

Yes approved:)
Thank you anybody who you helped me for my track. This link is the conclusion:

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