Do you think my first track will be accepted?

I have submitted this track and I am awaiting review of it. It is my first submission and any criticism is welcome and appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

I think it will get accepted. It’s a good track!

My only suggestion for future tracks would be to get to the point a little quicker. I would have had the guitar at 0:26 come in at 0:13 instead.

Great stuff though!

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Thank you very much for your advice JackWinn. I think I will pull the track from the review que and fix it based on your suggestion. Rock on my friend!

To my mind track ok, it has good chances to be approved. A little detail: to my mind bass drum sound a little bit hard.

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Thank you for listening and giving me this valuable advice LuckyBlackCat. I will do a revision of the song with this in mind and repost in this thread later today. Again thank you my friend

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I think the idea sounds solid. Hopefully it squeaks past the review.

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Thanks SmartOwlMusic, I feel like this will get easier as I write more music for libraries. I appreciate you listening and commenting