Does this have a chance of getting approved?

I have submitted two tracks to date, and both of them got rejected.
Here’s another track that I have made.

Do you think this will get accepted?
What are the changes I can make to have a better chance of approval?
Thank you.

@GokulAudioz . The track has a good atmospheric vibe. The lead theme is , good but a bit too convoluted imo. The issue is the second part of the song, where it goes in a very wrong direction. The sound is harsh and lacks the sensuality and musicality of the first part. The overall sound needs to be a bit more warm, maybe a bit lofi.The drums need to be a bit more subtle and dark.Something that keeps your attention, reversed delayed elements, maybe some subtle glitchy noises will improve the overall vibe. Please note that i am not a reviewer and my opinion is pure subjective. Good luck with the uploads. Cheers.

Thanks for the response. Really appreciate it.

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