First Music Tracks Approval

Hi guys, I became an audiojungle author in september 2015, and had some tracks rejected by then, was a little down but kept doing tracks, I also tried some SFXs and they were accepted and finally some of my punk rock tracks were accepted and it motivates me a lot, I really thought and I don’t know why at least one of them would be rejected, anyways.

Thanks and best wishes for this year!

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Hi legnazeg. Welcome to AJ. I really like the track. I put my comment on the item detail page. Have a great 2016!

Cool track and congrats! Hope 2016 brings you many sales! :grinning:

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Lovely guitar sound :slightly_smiling: Real amp and mic?
Will fit the west coast very well when inc the states this year.

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@MidnightSnap cool, thanks, I’ve read your comment, thanks for taking the time to listening to it, wish you the best as well!

@atlemusic thanks a lot!! yeah, it’s a vox amplifier, through the famous sm57, also the drums and bass, cool!! best wishes for this year!

some people marked this as spam, i just wanted to have some feedback, didn’t want to be a spammer, but anyways, thanks for the input! best

Congrats on the approvals. I’ve been selling beats on my own site for over 18 years & make a good living doing it, so when 7 of my first tracks were uploaded on AJ in December and 4 of them got rejected it definitely bummed me out a bit lol. Gotta find the sweet spot on what the reviewers want for AudioJungle.

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thanks @RockItPro, i see, that’s nice, 18 years of experience, is a pretty great amount and it’s good to know you were living doing what you love to do. Congrats and best wishes and sales for this year!!

I also sold my first track! :slight_smile: . I’m gonna work harder this year and I hope I will sell a lot.