Hard rejection on Future Bass track

Hello everyone. Got hard rejected on my latest track.

Honestly can’t understand why.

I asked for feedback before submitting and apparently it was fine.

Super melody and cool trek!

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Chill melody and the mood is perfect really. Just some of the drum samples need a bit of processing, hats in breakdown could use some EQ for example, maybe let some of the drum elements stay in the background with reverb bussing and less dry signal.

But mate, a hard rejection on this one? That I don’t understand, some small tips would’ve helped and let the track through. But a reviewer should not judge the composition or arrangement, this is up to the buyers! Let people showcase what they have and let the customers decide instead of standing in the way.

Thank you!

Really wasn’t expecting a rejection on this one…

Hey! First of all, welcome to the forum!

Could you please elaborate on the drum processing part? Is it just in the breakdown, the drop drums are fine? By EQing the hats I assume you mean make them softer/less harsh during the break?

Yeah, I’m not really sure what happened. To be fair I don’t understand AudioJungle’s review process at all. After getting my first 2 tracks approved earlier this year, I’ve gotten over 10 rejections in a row. Some are understandable in hindsight, but some (like this one) I consider way superior to the ones that got approved.

Not sure what to do now. Any tips on other stuff I can change to try and resubmit, aside from the drum processing part you already mentioned?

Hey thanks for the warm welcomes!

I cannot be sure about the drums overall, maybe the reviewer found the drums a bit weak but it’s still a chilled future bass track, not something too much in your face. The drop was not so impactful after the buildup (at 1:00) but that’s only based on my taste. I still don’t think this deserves a hard rejection.

Take my review with a grain of salt, I am not very experienced when it comes to Future Bass music at all. :smiley: