Hard rejection problem! Please help!

Hi guys. I’d love to hear your opinion on what you think might be wrong on this jingle. Some of my jingles have been rejected. I was mostly successful just with more “rocky” tracks. I’m new on Audiojungle and I’d love to know if there’s anything really bad haha
Thank you for any tips.

here’s the link for the track: https://soundcloud.com/t-p-n-jelen/playful-indie-pop-review/s-X0juE

it’s a cool little track but it seems like the bass has a lot of resonance going on that is muddying things up quite badly, that would be my guess anyways!

edit: just compared to you other stuff that has been accepted and I really think that’s probably it. Your accepted stuff is very clear and nicely mixed, this piece is really muddy in comparison.

Thank you very much! We’ll work on it

@orbiterred I remixed it and try to make it less muddy as you said. I would love to hear your opinion on this version :slight_smile:

here’s the link: https://soundcloud.com/t-p-n-jelen/playful-indie-pop-review-1/s-OTUwA

Thank you!

quite an improvement i think. as personal preference i think it’s still a little too bass heavy, but i don’t think it’s out of line either. you’ve definitely got more presence and clarity in this mix. good luck!

Great! Thanks a lot man!