Hard rejected - some questions

Hello everybody!

I got hard rejected with this track a week ago, and need some feedback.

I got the standard rejection answer, that “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

I got some ideas of removing the trumpets in the chorus part (maybe sounding out of context?) and replace it with violin instead to tie it all together better, and make some counter parts in the second verse for variation. And change the buggy main reverb that dissappeared in my exported file… :roll_eyes:

…but… will it be enough? I think this track is as good as my two latest tracks, but my ears are maybe worn out. :wink:

Is the title ‘‘Hymn of the Heroes’’? Because this is the only track that we can find on your Soundcloud page.

Is it working now?

Now the link should work. :slight_smile:

Great emotional composition/arragement! I find than your trumpets sound a bit MIDI in the way they are programmed (all notes seem to get the same hard attack and sustain seems really flat in volume). Use more MIDI controller 11 (expression) and 7 (volume) or better 1 (modulation) if you have a dynamic crossfade patch.

The mix could be cleaner, It sounds a bit harsh (too much harmonics peaks in the mids (1000-3500 hz). Use a chirurgical EQ to attenuate some of them on every track if needed with very narrow cut. You can use a spectrum analyzer to find them precisely and your ears to determine how it needs to be attenuate. After this, try maybe to boost a bit between 5000-10000 hz. It seems to miss definition/presence there (only on mid/hi instruments).

I hope I help!

Thanks Anthony, great feedback! Just the things I needed to hear. I will keep the brass and try to get it sound more alive. :slight_smile:

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I listened back and I think you may add more to the instrumentation when the brass come back the second time to make it more climatic/intense. cymbals roll to go to that part could add something. Long low strings notes that fade in fade out in volume (dynamics) to add warm. Some timpani notes/roll to accentuate some passages etc. Your brass could sound a bit more bright than the first time (louder).

Just some personal ideas. :wink: But the second repetition have to be more intense/full than the first or at least different a bit.

Your composition/arrangement as potential for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again! Yes, something is needed for sure, good suggestions there. Maybe I go crazy on the violin second time. :wink:

I don’t think so. Your violin is great and fit in really nicely! It just needs more fullness and impact at the end (you have room for it) and the brass to be more expressive. Try to make them (the brass) near as expressive as your solo violin. Only my opinion. :wink:

Thanks again for your help, I got it approved. :slight_smile: