Help! Why my item has been Rejected

Hello my dear authors, can you give me some feedback about why my track has been rejected? Thank you guys!


Well to me there is no reason for your music to be Hard rejected. I found it really good, it is commercially viable. I am sure it could appeal to some buyers. Maybe it’s due to small artefact or like clipping ? (1m26, 1m35 …) I don’t know but soft rejection would have been sufficient … Clearly it is the reviewer who is wrong. Continue your very good work and do not worry too much about this rejection, it seems that times are getting harder here … :slight_smile:

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Thanks Osynthw! I will check it out! And thank you for your motivational words! Best regards!

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I don’t like snare in the first part of the track. he obviously sticks out


Beautiful piece, but the snare did spoil it.

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Nice tune.

Seems a bit bass heavy to me. Download Span by Voxengo (it’s free) and put it on your master buss.

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It’s a beautiful track.

However, I agree with the others. Skip the snare in the first section, it sticks out too much. I also don’t care much for the downer (noise sweep) before the second section. It sounds out of place when everything else is acoustic (+electric guitar).

I would probably have used a rim shot or something else that is not as heavy as a snare for the second section. But that’s more of a personal choice I suppose. More energy with a snare.

And lastly, there are some noises that sound like mistakes (hitting guitar body with pick maybe?), like @Osynthw pointed out, at 1:26, 1:35, 1:45 and some other spots. Maybe it’s intentional, but to me it sticks out and becomes distracting.

I would also probably trade the synth line at the very end for another electric guitar.

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Snare sounds fine to me but the bass is too loud IMO.

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Thanks Flumen! I will check it all out!

Thank you Aragorn!