Help! The track was again rejected, what is wrong with them?)

I can’t understand what’s wrong with the track, there are a lot of such tracks on the drain, but mine didn’t go through, some kind of mysticism) Help with the advice of a colleague.

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Hi there! I really like the sound and the guitar tone, it very powerful and clean! At the same time I feel that the first half of the track is too repetitive. Maybe if the part that starts at 1:16 will be transfered to 0:10, the track will be more dynamic and more appealing to the
listener. But it’s only my humble opinion. Good luck!!

Thanks for the advice, apparently they did not accept it because it developed for a long time.

Yeah. Your music is awesome dude… The guitar is very clean and nice but your ‘‘claps or snare’’ Its just a gun firing in the forest. Better to changes it. Just listen to your approve music and analyze it whats the difference between the two…


Great comment, amused me, laughed a lot) thanks for the help!

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