Item Rejected, what do you think?

Hello folks!
First of all: I’m new here and would like to tell you, that the community is great in here and already helped me a lot. Did a lot of research for the start and found much information.

I’m a professional guitar player, but these are also my first steps into recording/mixing and all.
I uploaded my first item, which was rejected. I already had my own thoughts and can guess, why it was rejected, but just wanted to drop it into the community to recieve some feedback!

Thank you and best regards!

edit: forgot the link …

Cant see the link.

forgot the link…

It seems too simple and primitive, there is no development. Try to create a bright chorus in it to add more powerful bass and drums.


And the piano notes sounds strange, or is it me?¿


You mean sound or note?

The notes are in the key of Cm.

Sound, not key. But i´m with earphones with my mobile, so maybe its me.

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here are my observations:

  1. Too simple as also @ARCHIMUSIC said and definitely needs more variation.

  2. The mix of piano needs improvement as it doesn’t sit well in the overall mix and the dynamics of the notes that piano plays are a bit odd.

  3. Percussions are way too punchy in my opinion.

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Thanks for feedback so far.
Sometimes you just sit there and focus on details, while you forget the main things…