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Hello guys!
I have just been rejected for some reason and I have no clue what is wrong with my mix. I am totally confused and dont know where to move. I hope some one can help me to understand logic of the reviewer. Thanks!
My track

I liked your track. Maybe it sounds a bit empty. It’s an orchestral track, but there is just low strings and rhythm behind the melody. Maybe there shouldn’t exist an empty space between the melody and the background. Try to fulfill your track by other instruments.

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TBH it sounds okay to me as I have heard worse on here that obviously have been approved. I think the lead instrument (guitar or piano) in the middle has grace notes that should be removed as they come across badly but I like the slur on the instruments. The drums and percussion could have been more epic and the ending more climatic but like I said at the start it sounds okay to me. Oh well it cannot be resubmitted but there is enough of an idea in this to overhaul it into a new track.

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@selviotorrez .

IMO The track is good. Musically wise. As @gballx said, i’d get rid of the ‘grace’ notes of the piano lead. Doesn’t fit the genre. Mostly used in jazz improvisations. One thought from my personal experience. It might not be the reason of rejection, but maybe it will help you for future projects. Try to move the main lead strings theme on the 1st note. Avoid the anapest. Is a bit complicated to explain but i’m sure you are familiar with music theory . Anapest, as opposed to anacrusis. So instead to start the lead theme on the 2nd 8th of the bar, begin with it. Of course it will change the vibe and musical concept , but it will help to translate better for regular people with less musical education.

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thanks so much for your feedback. i suppose you are right. i will try to add more instruments

thank you for feedback. i must admit you were correct about grace note. i will try to see what i can do with percussion. my kindest regards

Good luck!

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goodness guys thank you all for your comments. that helps so much to improve my skills and become one step higher. passionately shake your hand