Hello, my track was rejected. Someone could help me with your opinion?


This is the link: https://soundcloud.com/betomataloni/sentimental-and-hopeful

I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you very much!


Hi, I like this track, it sounds ok to me. I think you could shorten the intro. Yesterday I was listening to the Audiojungle webinar about top rejection reasons and the Reviewers were telling that even 0:30 of intro is too long sometimes. You can watch replay on youtube, use this link: https://youtu.be/I6QUBfZl1mg The snare comes about 0:45, which I feel is a bit late. You can leave this version as it is but make a few more. Make one without intro, another one which is short version, etc. This might increase approve chances


Hi there!

Well, first off (and likely the main problem), the guitar is just totally out of tune. Already the first two chords, e minor and D7 are really hurting the ears, if you don’t mind me saying. Also, the playing is pretty amateurish and the timing is off. Moreover, the track itself is repetative, but not in a good way, Also, the mix could use some improvement. But you need to do something about the guitar first, imho. Hope this helps a little.



I would like to help you in that, and really can complete this work, I need to know more things about this website, I mean what kind of problems your are facing in that.

Have you made any of the changes in that.

come to discuss more about the website work.



Mountain Audio thank you very much! I will see the video that you recommend me. I very much appreciate your comments!


Hello. Thank you for taking the time to listen, analyze and comment. I very much appreciate your you did.
I am thinking about your comments about guitar tones. The track is composed G. Em and D7 are chords that are within the range of G.
Anyway I much appreciate your opinion! Thank you very much!