Why this track got rejected?

I´ve got alot of rejections here on audiojungle, and cant figure out exactly what’s wrong with my productions. I understand AJ wants very high standards. Why was this music track rejected? Is it the mix?

The first thing i can say is the piano doesnt fit well.

Do you think the piano is too dominating in the mix? Bad sound?

Yes, maybe too high always, and sometimes i feel it out of tempo.

ok thats bad because I am a pianist…Maybe I ve noticed it myselfe but heard “you shouldn’t quantizise evrything”

Listen to, for example, the note at 0:05, i feel it out of tempo.

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youre right its very much behind the beat at 0:05. But is that a big issue? I like that laid back sound. Should the piano be much more roboto sounding?

Could be, and maybe because the piano is in the front. So you can hear it clearly.

thanks for the feedback! Do you think the track would be approved if the piano was more precise and maybe lower in the mix?

You´re welcome, just trying to help.
I don´t hear any other problem, there is a lot of tracks like this.

But this is just my opinion.

Good luck!!

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Thanks again, what about the “B” section in 1:15 is it too different from the “A” section?

PS was listening to you portofolio, very good work!

like @Manriquedelara said, piano is off, the rest of composition is ok :wink:

Thanks it helps alot!

Maybe too long, but dont trust too much what i say.
But as i said, is just my opinion.

thanks again for your feedback!

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Hi @Sonic_Wave !
The track itself is very standard (even too standard, all without the author’s handwriting), it’s boring, there are a lot of repetitions, there is no culmination, no influx of emotions, no diversity.
I listen to your track and it seems to me that I’m chewing gum (or tasteless dough).
Try to listen to tracks in the same genre and create something more interesting and attractive.

Your piano is also late (walks past the “train” :slightly_smiling_face:), it is not in time with the track.
Good luck!

Fair enough, but how to emprove from here? The corporate genre is new for me. I have composed alot jazz fusion. I consider myself as a better composer than producer.
Should i make more simpel tracks with 3 or 4 instruments?

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In my opinion, it depends only on you (and on your imagination), as you see fit. Corporate music doesn’t have to be boring at all, I think experimenting is good.

Well, all the more, turn on your imagination and make the track more interesting.

As far as I know, jazz is one of the most difficult genres in music, if jazz is “easy” for you then act in new genres! This is clearly not an obstacle for you!