Rejected track. Help me to understand why the track was rejected

Dear audiojunglers,
Help me to understand why the track was rejected please.

I have some ideas but not sure about that. Your help is very much required.
Thank you!

My guess will be, its to much going on from the start and the piano may not fit so well to this category.

tnx, I agree with your piont. now it’s obvious for me too

People, I’m still in desperate need of your ideas and good advices. many thanks for everyone who tries to help :slight_smile:

Yes, definately too much going on from the start. I can’t even define exactly what tracks there are all together (maybe when I listen better). Start with fewer instruments/tracks and separate them more and build up the complete track more.

it sounds to me like the arrangement was too many sounds in one place,they’re just interfere with each other … it’s just a chaos of sounds, to mine opinion… and mixing should be raised

Hey there!
Firstly, this jumble of sounds in a beginning baffled me :tired_face:. That’s totally not right.
Start small, don’t overdo it.
Secondly, don’t call such thing cinematic, cause it’s not.
Thirdly, as for my subjective opinion, if this stuff was slower, then it would sound a little, just a little good.
Fourthly, percussion and drums\stuff layered\combined with it, just totally not right - and very fast, arrangement seems chaotic, piano - totally bad, it’s just bam-bam-bam. Harp or what it is starting from 01:25 to 01:39 don’t make any sense, again jumble of sounds.
Overall mix don’t have dynamics and it’s very fast!!! Story end.

Thank u a lot for useful critics!!!

Also listen tracks in multiple genres you would like to produce. It will be your reference materials, and spent some time on learning musical theory, composition, mixing, etc. It’s always important. Cheers, Georgio!

Hello, musicians!!

Could U give advance, why this track hard rejected?